Utada Hikaru - Flavor of Life Promo Pic

Here's one for all of you Hikki fans out there. It is promotional picture for her latest single "Flavor of Life". Yeah, the latest news is that she recently divorced with her husband Kiriya Kazuaki after 4 years of marriage. I just hope that Kiriya can continue to do some of her PVs, her videos like the ones of Hikari, Final Distance, Sakura Drops, and Colors were all so cool!

courtesy of utada-online.net

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My Little Airport - 悲傷的採購

My Little Airport has again released a new track on their site after 2 months!! It seems that the rumour is true - they might be releasing a new EP soon. The track entitled "悲傷的採購" literally translates to "purchase of sadness". The track is heavy loaded with synths (casio by p) and has a overall lingering electronic but light feel to it.

My Little Airport的新歌"悲傷的採購"延續了上一首歌"畢業變成失業"的主題,即係時下香港年輕人對工作的觀念和一些社會的現實事情。在這一首歌里,Nicole的聲音和阿p的casio電子鋼琴非常合拍,聽起來有一份好輕鬆,煩惱抛諸腦後的感覺。

My Little Airport - 悲傷的採購 (mp3)


唱: nicole
曲/詞/編/ programming/ casio : 阿p
監製: my little airport

訂了一季 又到下季

我的感覺 逐漸流逝

如果繼續這樣 我還是我嗎?我還喜歡我嗎?
或者我應該死去吧 總好過變得更差
如果繼續這樣 你還願意嗎?和我奏著結他?
日子不應該這樣吧 而現實就是這樣可怕

You can download more of My Little Airport's tracks from their official site and also read about their past tracks on my posts below:
My Little Airport - 畢業變成失業

We Have Your Head

Here's a track that I was sent to me by Kevin from Big Scary Monsters Records. The artist featured below is none other than Richard Walters, an indie/folk rock artist, although the track below leans more towards the minimal genre.

While this is not exactly a genre-breaking track of any sort, the track is quite special in the sense that Walter's melancholic singing style blends in surprisingly well with the distinct shoegazing background of repetitive guitars and gentle piano sections. If you're a fan of shoegaze or chillout music, then this is an artist you should try listening to.

Richard Walter's EP "The Pilot Lights" has just released in February and was recorded in part by David Kosten (producer for Air Traffic, Iain Archer, Bat For Lashes and many more) and in part by Guy Sigsworth (ex-member of Frou Frou (along with Imogen Heap) and producer for Björk, Madonna, Lamb and others).

Richard Walters - We Have Your Head (mp3)

You can check out Richard Walters' myspace here and also buy his latest EP at http://www.bsmrocks.com


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