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YES!! I'm finally done with my trials!! *Breaths* Hope that i pass this time...=)

Presenting a Swiss music project based in Zurich led by the idea to to reach the listener directly via their webpage. I like their pioneering idea of spreading their music out to people on their page. Great beginning to this project cuz they're also offering FREE and complete promo copies of their tracks and selling some of their other tracks. This ambient track, "Voyage" is a very beautiful and relaxing track, mixing elements of nu-jazz and downtempo. Perfect, classic and very soothing lounge music. Very chilling atmosphere.

More of their FREE mp3s here.

Ohrlab - Voyage

Nu/Psy Ambient - Shulman

Great track here by Shulman. A music project that produces great psybient and electronic music. The duo’s debut album, "soundscapes and modern tales", released in february 2002 by the leading label shaffel records, received excellent reviews and world-wide acclaim. The beginning of the track was this speech about the recovery of a UFO and aliens by the British Intelligence. Great use of the vox synth to make it sound as if there were aliens speaking. Very hypnotic and chilling atmosphere to this track. Unique and unlike anything that I've heard before.

Shulman - Small Grey Creatures


Just woke up from bed and i'm feeling a bit drowsy....zzzzzzzzzz......heck, i really should be studying for my trials when i'm doing this....

Anywase, here's a new Psy trance project from France that i've listened to recently. It's called Ectoplasm. Sounds like a clashed-up mix of Skazi and Hallucinogen minus the vocal synths. Hyperactive appreggiation, stunning work on the kicks, distorted acid basslines fuse together to create a great psychedelic atmosphere. Probably good enough to make anyone start hallucinating without taking any LSD. Great job on the tracks, especially "Fat Hairs". For those who love psytrance, i bet you're probably gonna like this track too.

You can download a FREE copy of their mp3 here.

Hikki's "Be My Last" released today!

Utada Hikaru's new single "Be My Last" is released today! I'm only getting my copy sometime soon in October cuz my sis friend is not yet back from japan. So i guess i just have to be kept waiting for the moment. The song is the themesong for the Japanese motion picture 春の雪 (Haru no Yuki, Official English translation - Snowy Love Fallin' in Spring)

For you guys that haven't heard about her, Utada Hikaru is a popular Japanese artist. Her hit single "First Love", sold over 10 million copies worldwide. I've listened to a sample of the track and i'm really impressed and glad that Hikki did such a great job this time around. Very different styles here as compared to her previous English album "Exodus". "Be My Last" was reminiscent of her last Japanese single, 誰かの願い叶うころ(Dareka no negai kanau koro, translation - By the time someone's wish is realized), which was also the OST for CASSHERN, a movie directed by her husband, Kiriya Kazuaki and featured stunning CG animation that could rival those from The Matrix and the budget for the film was over 5 billion Yen. ~OUCH!~ Very impressive job on the vocals for this new track, and i definately must also give credit to the guitar work. The MV for the song was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic. Castle shown in the background of the cover art is Hradcany Castle. A very aesthetically done MV although I don't quite get the meaning. 光妹今次個single真係好動聽!! 值得去買來欣賞欣賞下!!

Do check out a sample of the track at Toshiba-Emi's Official Site here.

Great jazz

Disclaimer: I only provide links to completely LEGAL and LEGITIMATE songs on this page. All links to mp3s are taken from artists' sites, labels or other legitimate sources. They are intended for evaluation purposes only. Do support the artists by buying their music. Heck, I dun wanna the RIAA and other record labels to come breathing down my neck.

Ok, now back. Well, currently i've been listening to a lot of jazz and nu-jazz recently. Underground stuff actually....=) I came across Lars Hornveth's project on fatplanet.com.au sometime ago. Its called Jaga Jazzist. I heard some of Lars Hornveth's other tracks previously such as "Tics" but i've never heard anything of this sort. Extremely good and unique. I've been playing the track "Oslo Skyline" for more than 5 times today! Good mix of contemporary progressive rock and jazzy vibes with a hint of ambient for the intro. The intro is a bit soft to my liking, but as the track progresses, you'll get this really catchy guitar rift coming in that punches you right in the eye. ~Sweet.

Jaga Jazzist - Oslo Skyline

Hey!! Hello There!! Here I Go:

OK. What i wanna do is just present a view on the things i see and share some of my rather unique music tastes with you guys out here and try to expose some extremely good but rather obscure music with you guys out there.

I'll try to update as often as i can or whenever i feel like it and I'll try to keep this page full with reviews and promo copies from underground music artists. =) Do give me comments on what you think about my page and what kinda things i should improve upon. 今次第一次開設Music Review Blog. 大家請多多指教!!! どぞ宜しくお願いします!!! Peace!



Welcome to Feng's Distorted World : 鋒言鋒語!

This site is a collection of some of the music I've listened to and some other cool content. Whenever possible, I'll provide links to mp3s that are taken from artists' sites, labels or other legitimate sources. From time to time, I'll also post other articles that I find interesting.

These are the major things that I'll be writing about, in descending order of frequency.

Piano Scores

I'm always looking forward to approach fresh content to put on this site, so if you are a budding artist/musician waiting for that next big break or you have music and other interesting content that's screaming "Review Me!", feel free to send it over to fengdw [at] gmail [dot] com. When emailing information about yourself / your artists, please also supply an mp3 link where readers can download sample material. thanx!

Happy reading and listening, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

Yours sincerely,


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