Great jazz

Disclaimer: I only provide links to completely LEGAL and LEGITIMATE songs on this page. All links to mp3s are taken from artists' sites, labels or other legitimate sources. They are intended for evaluation purposes only. Do support the artists by buying their music. Heck, I dun wanna the RIAA and other record labels to come breathing down my neck.

Ok, now back. Well, currently i've been listening to a lot of jazz and nu-jazz recently. Underground stuff actually....=) I came across Lars Hornveth's project on sometime ago. Its called Jaga Jazzist. I heard some of Lars Hornveth's other tracks previously such as "Tics" but i've never heard anything of this sort. Extremely good and unique. I've been playing the track "Oslo Skyline" for more than 5 times today! Good mix of contemporary progressive rock and jazzy vibes with a hint of ambient for the intro. The intro is a bit soft to my liking, but as the track progresses, you'll get this really catchy guitar rift coming in that punches you right in the eye. ~Sweet.

Jaga Jazzist - Oslo Skyline



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