テルーの唄 (Therru no Uta)

More on Studio Ghibli's new film "Tales from Earthsea" by Goro Miyazaki. 19 year old Teshima Aoi (手嶌葵) is the singer for the OST from the movie. The song is "Therru's Song" (テルーの唄) and was released on the 7th of June 2006.

This is actually the first time I've heard about this singer. Ghibli has a history of using singers who usually unknown within the music and animation industry. For example, Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの) who sang the OST for Ghibli's Cat Returns (猫の恩返し) back in 2001. Her song "Neko ni Naru" has since gained widespread popularity in Japan and propelled to stardom.

She has an amazingly calming and pure voice which gives the film a folklore atmosphere which Miyazaki is trying to portray. Teshima Aoi's track "Therru's Song" is currently ranked 12th on the daily Oricon Singles Chart. Previously it had reached a top position of 5th on the Oricon Charts.

You can view the PV for the song on Youtube here:


夕闇迫る雲の上 いつも一羽で飛んでいる
音も途絶えた風の中 空を掴んだその翼

心を何にたとえよう 鷹のようなこの心
心を何にたとえよう 空を舞うよな悲しさを

雨のそぼ降る岩陰に いつも小さく咲いている
色も霞んだ雨の中 薄桃色の花びらを

心を何にたとえよう 花のようなこの心
心を何にたとえよう 雨に打たれる切なさを

人影絶えた野の道を 私とともに歩んでる
虫の囁く草原を ともに道行く人だけど

心を何にたとえよう 一人道行くこの心
心を何にたとえよう 一人ぼっちの寂しさを


Teshima Aoi - Therru's Song

Yuuyami semaru kumo no ue itsumo ichiwa de tonde iru
Taka wa kitto kanashikarou
Oto mo todaeta kaze no naka sora wo tsukanda sono tsubasa
Yasumeru koto wa dekinakute

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou taka no youna kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou sora wo mauyona kanashisa wo

Ame no sobo furu iwakege ni itsumo chiisaku saite iru
Hana wa kitto setsunakarou
Iro mo kasunda ame no naka usumomo iro no hanabira wo
Medete kureru te mo nakute

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou hana no youna kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou ame ni utareru setsunasa wo

Hitokage taeta no no michi wo watashi to tomo ni ayunderu
Anata mo kitto samishikarou
Mushi no sasayaku kusahara wo tomo ni michiyuku hito dakedo
Taete mono iu koto mo naku

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou hitori michiyuku kono kokoro
Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou hitori bocchi no samishisa wo

You can visit Teshima Aoi's official site here:

Tales from Earthsea ゲド戦記

The latest feature film from Studio Ghibli, Tales from Earthsea ゲド戦記 (Gedo Senki), will be due for release on July 29, 2006 in Japan and August 10, 2006 in South Korea. The film is produced in cooperation with Tokuma Shoten (株式会社徳間書店), Studio Ghibli, NTV, Disney, Hakuhodo (株式会社博報堂), Dentsu (株式会社電通), d-rights and Toho. It is based primarily on the third book of the Earthsea series, The Farthest Shore, by Ursula K. Le Guin.

The film is directed by Miyazaki Goro, the eldest son of reknowned Japanese director, Miyazaki Hayao (宮崎 駿). This film was directed by Goro because Hayao was busy with Howl's Moving Castle when a small team (including Goro) formed by producer Toshio Suzuki began work in October of 2003. Although lacking any animation production experience, Goro led the team and drew the storyboards. Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) and Yasuo Ootsuka (head animator of the Lupin series) were greatly impressed by Goro's drawings. Suzuki felt confident appointing Goro as director after hearing from Anno and Ootsuka.

View the trailer to the much antipated movie by Studio Ghibli here:
Tales from Earthsea (Official movie trailer)

and you can also download the TV promo here:
Tales from Earthsea (Japan TV promo clip)

credits to Studio Ghibli and Online Ghibli for providing the clips above. Do remember to visit the (Japanese-only) official site for Tales from Earthsea.

Personally I really liked the song they used for the film's trailer. I liked what I've seen so far on the trailers and previews so I'll be anxiously awaiting for the film's release this 29th of July!

My Red Hot Cock

Squarepusher seems to be able to crank out a hit single everytime. This track comprises elements of two-step, IDM, and drum & bass, all music genres of which the Pusher seems to specialize in and able to manipulate the sounds accordingly. It simply leaves you humming the song for hours and hours. By the way, the song is also known as "My Red Hot Cock".

"I am gonna give you all my love/ I am gonna fuck you in my red hot car".
Great and the true essence of pop-art style recycling!

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car (Album Version) (Contains Mature Lyrics)

Joey 将各位乐迷最期待的、最渴望的《Ten Most Wanted》十首新曲,灌录于2006年首张唱片之中。《Ten Most Wanted》中的「情歌的情歌」將會是莫拉维亚交响乐团音乐会的主题曲。

作曲:James Ting|填詞:黃偉文|編曲:|監製:舒文

如果愛是一闕歌 美麗嗎 其實看歌者怎唱
何解最近的愛歌 題目卻 全部亦有關哀傷

我怕你那本末已倒置 記住沉淪時 忘掉了慶幸時
尋覓情愛的奧義 情歌每日播卻在唱錯 它的意思

*愛 並非要來臨叫你感慨 是愛 令這個平凡世界精彩 
不要盡信苦惱皆因愛 它使生活帶著期待 
你 未找到誰人你最深愛 但你 亦不要時時故作悲哀 
即使有談過不堪的戀愛 會愛 每個人臉上 先有光彩*

如果將心扉揭開 難道你 曾為了失戀相愛
可笑世上人愛嗟怨 甜蜜卻 忘掉用愛歌裝載

你看看世間上各種愛 種下是人們 原為帶快樂沿路
難免出意外 何必馬上說再沒有愛 抽身退開


愛 並非要來臨叫你感慨 是愛 令這個平凡世界精彩
不要盡信苦惱皆因愛 它使生活帶著期待
你 未找到誰人你最深愛 但你 亦不要時時故作悲哀
想想有時你笑逐顏開 只因當日發現 亦曾被愛 善待

View the MV for Joey's new song on YouTube here:

Listen to a preview of Joey's track below:
容祖兒 - 情歌的情歌

Men Who Fell from Earth

Atom Heart and Bernd Friedmann, one of post-techno's most prolific experimental electronic musicians, the other an avid jazz fan, team up to create tracks of avant-garde electro-jazz.

As Flanger the two pair up to create electronic jazz in a way that blurs the lines between analog electronics. Between them both they play all instruments and then mash it all up in the computer. One minute you think you're listening to vintage Miles, Marc Moulin, or Nucleus (the good Nucleus aka Ian Carr, not the new crappy Nucleus), and the next you're listening to some weird techno bridge in the track which all crashes back into jazz territory... nice.

The track "The Men Who Fell from Earth" has some drum n bass influences throughout, most notably in the first few minutes, yet it never fails to retain its distinct jazzy vibes, bringing together some magnificent moments of flamboyant beauty.

Flanger - The Men Who Fell from Earth

Visit Flanger at Ninjatunes here.

Sweet Robots Against The Machine

SWEET ROBOTS AGAINST THE MACHINE is a 13-track release by Towa Tei featuring "Audio Sex," "Free," and "Batik." The album takes on more of a broken-up, synth-driven approach. He makes good use of the slight silences between the notes - making these gaps part of the whole tripped up, ethnically tinted, electradelic and playful journey into the creative mind of a Japanese hipster. He has been busy making remixes for the likes of Bjork, A Tribe Called Quest, Shonen-Knife, M-FLO, and Kylie Minogue.

You can download the track here:
Towa Tei - Free

Do visit Towa Tei's Official Site for more updates and news on his recent gigs.

林憶蓮2005年11月推出"本色"廣東大碟。整張《本色》的歌曲分別由雷頌德﹑Jim Lee和Eric Kwok三人監製,創作則有潘源良﹑林久﹑Dick Lee﹑倫永亮和周禮茂等新舊搭擋,陣容可謂鼎盛。收錄的歌曲音樂編排, 可聽性及連貫性均十分之出色。

Sandy Lam's latest Cantonese album "S/L True Colours" was released on November 2005. Below are the lyrics to her hit track 爲何他會離開你.


為了他 令你哭 為你哭 令我哭 為你很顧慮
難為你跟他一對 潑過無盡冷水
為愛他 為掛他 為怨他 為了他習慣受罪
舊情 注定 丟淡 問題不只一晚 命途總可以揀

為何他會離開你 誰叫你變了他知己
常纏在一起 會換來危機
他找你 不找你 你竟幼稚到講道理
原來擁吻 如不放 錯在你

沒有他 便叫他 沒有花 便要花 漸愛出慣例
常揹著一生一世 氣壓蠶蝕美麗
為了他 做過東 做過西 若似奴隸與賣藝
如此的悲壯 已經失勢
情人 要被 輕放
自然相處洽當 為何不聽我講

為何他會離開你 誰叫你自己不會飛
常纏在一起 會換來危機 他找你 不找你
你不智地對他生氣 問他等於問你

當我問候你 雙眼像鑿滿傷悲
若是還有骨氣 拿回纏他的心機
拿去愛惜你 怎可洩氣

為何他會離開你 誰叫你沒火花點起
仍纏在一起 誰亦會怕膩
他找你 不找你
原來擁吻 如不放 錯在你 熱情 冷淡 反悔 為何 怎麼 怎會

Green Milk from The Planet Orange

My Japanese friend まことさん was recently promoting a gig at "MOTION" in Shinjuku District, Tokyo and recommended the band "Green Milk from the Planet Orange". Its not quite the kind of music I usually listen to but I thought it was kinda interesting so I'm going to do a post about them here.

Green Milk is a progressive rock band. Their sound is uniquely Shibuya-Kei Japanese rock which I'm not really interested in and seldom delve into. I don't really like their vocals when they're singing in English simply because I don't seem to understand what are they screaming about, but other than that, their sound is pretty unique.

Have a listen at them here:

Green Milk from The Planet Orange - Concrete City Breakdown

You can visit their site here.

宇多田ヒカル - Sakura ドロップス

Here's the lyrics to the song Sakura Drops by Utada Hikaru:

Sakura ドロップス

作詞: 宇多田ヒカル 作曲: 宇多田ヒカル

恋をして 終わりを告げ
誓うことは: これが最後の heartbreak

涙の横を通った すーっと


恋をして 全て捧げ
願うことは: これが最後の heartbreak




恋をして 終わりを告げ
誓うことは: 今日が最後の Good day




Lyrics: Utada Hikaru Music: Utada Hikaru

Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge
Chikau koto wa: kore ga saigo no heartbreak
Sakurasae kaze no naka de yurete
Yagate hana wo sakasu yo

Furidashita natsu ame ga
Namida no yoko wo kayotta suutto
Omoide to DABUru eizou
Aki no DORAMA sai housou

Doushite onaji youna PANCHI
Nando mokuracchaunda
Sorede momata tatakau n darou
Sore ga inochi no fushigi

Koi wo shite subete sasage
Negau koto wa: kore ga saigo no heartbreak
Sakurasae toki no naka de yurete
Yagate hana wo sakasu yo

Kuri kaesu kisetsu no naka de
Kutsuga suri hettaku

Motto kata no chikara haite
Kako wa doko ka ni shimatte oke
Koko kara sou tooku nai darou
Mita koto mo nai keshiki

Tomara nai mune no itami koete
Motto kimi ni chikazuki tai yo
Hito mawari shite wa modori
Aoi sora wo zutto te saguri

Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge
Chikaru koto wa: kyou ga saigo no Good day
Sakura made kaze no naka de yurete
Sotto kimi ni te wo nobasuyo

Suki de suki de doushite you nai
Sore tokore to wa kankei nai


Cherryblossom Drops

Lyrics: Utada Hikaru Translation: Yanto Young

I fall in love, and the love is over
What I swear is, may this be the last Heartbreak
Even the cherryblossom in the winds sways
and soon they will blossom

Summer rain that began to fall
passed by beside the tears, quietly
The images overlapped with memories
A rerun of the autumn drama

Why is it always the same kind of punches
that I receive all the time
Even so I will fight again
That is a mystery of life

I fall in love, and devote everything
What I hope is, may this be the last Heartbreak
Even the cherryblossom in the time sways
and soon they will blossom

In the seasons repeated over and over
shoes are wearing out

Loosen up your shoulders more
Keep the past somewhere
It will not be that far away from here
The scenery that I have never seen

The endless pain of my heart, I’m getting over it
and I want to be closer to you
Going one round and coming back
I feel my way in blue sky all the time

I fall in love, and the love is over
What I swear is, may today be the first good day
ntil the cherryblossom in the winds sways
and quietly reaches out for you

I love you, I can’t stop loving you
That has nothing to do with this


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