Shiny Day

Have been listening to a lot of Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの)recently especially the Summer single entitled "Shiny Day". She's most famous for singing the song 風に成る (Kaze ni Naru). I find that its extremely hard, if not impossible to get her albums and singles outside Japan because her record label Victor Entertainment doesn't distribute her stuff outside Japan. But definately you can get Tsuji Ayano's imported CDs made in Japan from sites such as Yesasia and CDJapan at VERY expensive prices. I was really lucky to get a copy of "Shiny Day" really cheap from ebay. And i reckon that her new album "CALENDAR CALENDAR" is supposed to be very good, just can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it.

Tsuji Ayano - Shiny Day (Real Media)

Tsuji Ayano - 愛の真夏 (Ai no Manatsu)

Tsuji Ayano and James Iha, the producer of 愛の真夏 during a live performance. Visit her official site here for more details.

Primitive Animism

Nelson Martin (aka Chushen) and Bill Grasso (aka Cugin) grew up in the dance-heavy music community of early '90s Orlando Florida, a place where DJs were outnumbered only by tourists in mouse ears. Already avid record collectors and all-around studio scientists, Chushen and Cugin began performing at local events around the Sunshine State in 1997 and soon became a staple at local clubs and parties there. The duo's DJ sets and live performances are truly a must for the serious electronic music fan and are known to set both mind and body into a state of perpetual motion. Animism, their first full length, combines elements of breakbeat, ambient, downtempo, and electro into funky psychedelic soundscape aimed straight for the cerebellum.

Chushen and Cugin's tracks such as "Primitive Animism" do not belong to a specific genre as it oftens incorporates many organic sound samples and have much in common with the likes of The Future Sound Of London and Irresistable Force, sounding more like natural occurrences rather than controlled experiments.

Chushen and Cugin - Primitive Animism

Don't forget to visit their site here on Epitonic.

A Better Place

Victor Davies' tracks feature a superb mix of latin vibes and evening jazzy mood. His tracks are very much similiar to the likes of other jazz contemporaries such as Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jazzanova and Fantastic Plastic Machines.

These mixes from Victor Davies’ new remix album presently by the best remixers takes his wonderful songwriter music directly to the dance clubs and once again demonstrate his creative potential.

Victor Davies - A Better Place (Faze Action Remix)

Visit Victor's official site of JCR for more news and updates.


Here's a musician who's based in Kanto area, Japan and uses ACID & Alesis ION to contruct most of the tracks. All the tracks are really unique and will most probably remind you of those early 90s game soundtracks. Many of the tracks have a light groove to it is extremely easy on the ears. A fine mix of all electronic genres including drum and bass, ambient, and breakbeat in all the tracks is what makes Eucalyptus' tracks truly appealing.

Eucalyptus - Ravalight

Eucalyptus - Slipping Onigiri

Do visit Eucalyptus' site here for more tracks.


Cinelux, a music projct from France is often described as 'metronomic rock', but this would seem to misrepresent their diversity of approach, which melds together hip-hop, jazz, electronica and post-rock into an appealing laidback brew.

The track "Hollis" from the album "Pardon My French" is predominantly filled with a post-contemporary lounge groove to it and includes a semi-instrumental chunk of fat hip-hop beats, meandering guitar samples and manipulated vocals: with overtones of dj shadow, cam and req, it's a promising start.

Cinelux - Hollis

Visit the artist's site here for more news and free mp3 tracks.


Just got loads of new stuff recently...Got Sigur Ros's () album for my friend, some stuff from Shpongle, Tsuji Ayano's Shiny Day, Nicola Cheung's 再不小心 and finally got Utada Hikaru's new single entitled "Passion". The cd includes and original version of the song "Passion" and another mix entitled "~After the battle~". The single also comes with a DVD of the MV of the song. This single is featured as the theme song Square-Enix video game "Kingdom Hearts II."

The theme is very mellow and sad, shown quite clearly from the opening synthesizer notes and Hikaru's ghostly vocals. Listening to the instrumentals alone isn't a rewarding experience as it is too dull and mediocre in some places and consists of some pretty poor use of the electronica genre, but placed with Hikaru's vocals, it seems almost flawless. The second track is split into two different sections — vocal and instrumental — each unique in style.

Utada Hikaru - Passion (Streaming Media)

Utada Hikaru - Passion PV (Streaming)

More info about Utada Hikaru's new single "Passion" here.



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