Gutevolk is the solo music project of Hirono Nishiyama. She began her career with an album for Nobukazu Takemura's Childisc label (2001's Pied Piper and the Kaisentou EP) as well as collaborated with Takemura as a vocalist. She has also released work on Haroumi Hosono's Daisyworld label (The Humming Of Tiny People, 2002). Gutevolk's music, generally accompanied by Nishiyama's whispery, childlike vocals, is a mix of ambient electronica alt.folk with subtle hints of jazz and pure pop. Nishiyama shares an ability to mix beats, textures, found sounds, and simple melodies into something simultaneously electronic and organic, playful and dark.

Gutevolk - Sora

Visit the artist's official site here for more sample tracks and news.

Romanian Folk Dances

Béla Bartók (1881-1945), the greatest Hungarian composer, was often heralded as one of the most significant musicians of the twentieth century. His music was invigorated by the themes, modes, and rhythmic patterns of the Hungarian and other folk music traditions from Eastern Europe he studied, which he synthesized with influences from his contemporaries into his own distinctive style.

Bartók also became interested in other folk traditions, studying the folk music of Romanians, Slovakians, Serbs, Croatians, Bulgarians, Turks, and North Africans as well as Hungarians. In 1906, while visiting Algeria, Bartók had a vision of how he might begin to order scattered folk tunes of the world. This, as he recalled, ended any desire on his part for the kind of career others had projected for him, as "the future master of the most charming salon music." Afterwards, the main task of his life was to collect, analyze, and catalogue major portions of the world's folk music.

The Romanian Folk Dances are works based on folksongs and dances collected by Bartók from peasants and Gypsies during his pioneering ethno-musicological field trips through Hungary in 1910-14.Even in the simplest setting, Bartók often varies a voice in the accompaniment, slightly changing the "color" of the chord, avoiding verbatim repetition of a phrase. All of this happens in the briefest of time spans. The Rumanian Folk Dances presents each of the seven dances (the sixth movement is actually comprised of two distinct folk tunes) without any reprise of material.

The first dance, which translates into English as "dance with a staff" or stick (what the dancer is doing with the stick is anyone’s guess) is from the Maros-Torda region. Bartók reported that it was played to him by two Rumanian Gypsy violinists from Màramaros. The Bràul is a dance that involves the use of a waistband or sash. The lovely third dance, in which the violin imitates the sound of a rustic flute, while the piano acts as a drone, translates roughly into "the Stomper." Both of these dances are from Torontàl. Another lovely melody is presented in The Dance of the Buscum People from Torda-Aranyos. Next we have a Rumanian "Polka" from Bihar. Finally, the last movement is made up of two fast dances; Manuntelul for couples, from Behar and Torda-Aranyos.

Here's a great piece from Bartok that i really like:

Bela Bartok - Romanian Folk Dances

thanks to Classical Music of St. Petersburg, Russia

House Sessions

I've finally done mixing this house mixset for December 2005!!

Chris Hale - Kimochi (It Feels Good)
Satoshi Tomiie - Up in Flames (Original Mix)
Nat Monday - Waiting (John Creamer/Stephen K Mix)
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
PQM - Nameless

a bit heavier and darker than the usual stuff i do...=) tell me what you think about the mix!

Download it here:
Feng - House Sessions Dec 05 (29mb)

Hell March!

Found this really classic game soundtrack from the popular game of the 1990s - Red Alert. This was a game I used to play as a little kid. All the music in the Red Alert was composed by Frank Klepacki. Among his most famous songs from the series is the theme of Red Alert, titled "Hell March", which accents the style of the game with adrenalized riffs of electric guitar and synthesizers to the dramatic chant of "We want war, wake up!" It alone has enlisted itself as a staple in the Red Alert series (i.e. a second version of Hell March was even created for Red Alert 2)

Frank Klepacki - Hell March

Download a DEMO copy of the game Red Alert here. (72Mb)

Endless Love 2 Lyrics

Back by popular demand, here are the lyrics for the beautiful song "Endless Love 2" by Sun Nan and Nan Hong from "The Myth". All in original chinese, translation, and pinyin... Do check out the movie and download the OST and MV here. Enjoy!

(男): 夢中人熟悉的臉孔 你是我守候的溫柔
就算淚水淹沒天地 我不會放手
每一刻孤獨的承受 只因我曾許下承諾
你我之間熟悉的感動 愛就要甦醒

(女): 萬世滄桑唯有愛是永遠的神話

(和): 枕上雪冰封的愛戀 真心相擁才能溶解
風中搖曳爐上的愛火 不減亦不滅
等待花開春去春又來 無情歲月笑我癡狂
心如鋼鐵任世界荒蕪 思念永相隨

(男): 萬世滄桑唯有愛是永遠的神話

(和): 悲歡歲月唯有愛是永遠的神話

(女): 你是我心中唯一美麗的神話

(M): meng zhong ren shu xi de lian kong, ni shi wo shou hou de wen rou
jiu suan lei shui yan mo tian di, wo bu hui fang shou
mei yi ke gu du de cheng shou, zhi yin wo cheng xu qia cheng nuo
ni wo zhi jian shu xi de gan dong, ai jiu yao xing xing

(F): wan shi cang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
chao qi chao luo shi zhong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue
ji fan ku tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen

(T): zhen shang xue bing feng de ai lian, zhen xin xiang yong cai neng rong jie
feng zhong yao yi lu shang de ai huo, bu mie yi bu jian
deng dai hua kai chun qu chun you lai, wu qing sui yue xiao wo chi kuang
xin ru gang tie ren shi jie huang wu, si nian yong xiang sui

(M): wan shi cang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
chao qi chao luo shi zhong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue
ji fan ku tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen

(T): bei huan sui yue wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
shei dou mei you yi wang gu lao gu lao de shi yan
ni de lei shui hua wei man tian fei wu de cai die
ai shi yi xia zhi feng liang xin xiang shui zi zai fei

(F): ni si wo xin zhong wei yi mei li de shen hua

The familiar face in my dreams, is the tenderness that I await
Even though tears flood the skies and earth, I’ll never let go
Every moment passes in loneliness, because I have made a promise
Deeply touched moments between us, love must wake up

Throughout the ages only love will remain as a myth
Perpetual motion of tides will never bring regret to the promise of true love
After many painful toilings and struggling in the dark
Hold our hands together, never to part again

Love that is capped by snow, will only be melted by the embrace of true hearts
The flame of love on a lamp in the wind never decreases and dies
Waiting for flowers to bloom, spring comes and goes, Time laughs because I’m a fool
Heart is as cold as steel, letting the world to ruin, but I’ll always be missing you

Throughout the ages only love will remain as a myth
Perpetual motion of tides will never bring regret to the promise of true love
After many painful toilings and struggling in the dark
Hold our hands together, never to part again

Happy or sad times, its only love that’s the eternal myth
No one forgets the ancient promise
Your tears become colourful butterflies on the sky
Love in the wind letting both hearts to fly freely

You’re the only beautiful myth in my heart


Whoo its a while since I lasted posted anything at all! Today I'll be introducing you guys to songstress/actress Nicola Cheung (張燊悅) from Hong Kong. She has acted in several lead roles in TVB dramas such as Mr. Diana, FM 701, and 美麗人生 (Reaching Out). Athough she has released several AVEPs and an album, she's not really well known in Hong Kong for singing. I've got her album "Angel of Mercy" and its really great - features the hit track "Angel of Mercy" written by Maurice Gibb of Bee Gees and lyrics written by her. This song is about war and how much suffering it causes to people around the world and how much she wishes someday everthing will be better. Very meaningful song with great lyrics. The music video of the track 你的美少女戰士 (Your Pretty Warrior) was kinda amusing and funny. But I think the best track by her is "上帝愛我" (God Loves Me). The track was an instant karaoke hit when it was released and was used by her record company, Universal Music for an allstars cover version of the same track featuring reknowned singers such as Hacken Lee (李克勤), Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), Leslie Cheung (張國榮) - 同步過冬 (Having Winter Together) . Her crazy rap/rock track "Old Folks Home" (老人院) with rock band Lamkee (臨記) was interesting and kinda shocking. I personally think her songs are great because she has a really special voice and writes most of her songs and lyrics.

This is her 1st AVEP 一不小心

This is her 2nd AVEP 再不小心

This is her her album - Angel of Mercy

Listen to her tracks here:

Nicola Cheung - 衣不稱身 (Yi But Cheng Sam) (Real Audio)

Here's a GREAT photo gallery of her.

Do visit her official site at Universal Music here.

Deep House

Chris Hale is a DJ and producer who is based in Tokyo, Japan. I've been listening to several of his tracks lately. My favourite track here would be "Kimochi" from "Womb" EP . The word "Kimochi" literally means "It feels good" in Japanese. Chris Hale's music is deep and sometimes dark. His tracks have dominated such global charts as Acid Planet, Broad Jam, and Sound Click. Chris’ tracks regularly top the house, tribal house, progressive house, and Detroit charts for weeks to months at a time. Other producers and DJs with such similiar styles include Satoshi Tomiie, Nat Monday, Future Sound of London, and PQM. His music also gets regular play by club and radio DJ's around the world as well as on underground radio. Chris DJ's at clubs throughout Tokyo, and is the resident DJ at the monthly "Worship" party. He is a veteran re-mixer, most recently mixing tracks for Bitstream Dream (Om, Bedrock).

Below is a review from Aadvark records:

Chris' “sound” is actually difficult to describe, but some have called it “dark soul” music - dark atmospheres fused with soulful rhythms. His music pushes simplified genre labels in order to avoid the constraints associated with pre-conceived definitions. When his music is smooth, it’s oh so very smooth. It slides against the skin like silk until it settles, blending in and becoming a soothing second skin. It’s hypnotic and seductive. And classing it as chill-out or come-down music is selling it well short. And when he wants to play rough…the beats get downright nasty without ever being heavy handed or in your face.

You never quite know what to expect when a Chris Hale track starts. The instrumentation he deploys gives each track its own unique texture, flavour and mood. Add a mix of beats and FX and the effect can be lush, as skilful as a Geisha, as sharp as a Kissaki, as precise as Kanji or as hard and swift as a Kendo kick. The end result is one of aural perfection.

An admirable trait with the Japanese dance scene is the secret of knowing exactly what sounds are out there on the wider scene without ever being controlled or dominated by them. The Japanese have always been happy to go their own way while being plugged into global scenes. So perhaps it’s no accident that Chris chose to live there, expanding his horizons all the while. His tracks have discipline without rigidity with a natural form and function. It’s a very Japanese thing. And what sounds so simple and effortless hides a master of the craft.

He is just as comfortable throwing acid jazz, breaks, or banging techno into the mix. If you ask him, Chris simply makes the type of music he likes to dance to in dark, smoke and sweat-filled subterranean clubs.

Listen to several of his tracks here.

Chris Hale - Kimochi (It feels good) (Streaming Media)
Chris Hale - EX:TC

Do visit his site on Soundclick here and Xp8r Music, his record label for more track samples and tour schedule.


Italian electronica producers Marzio Aricò, Federico Madeddu & Alessio Ghionzoli has done a great job on this track "Fase 2" from thier debut album "Haiku". The track sounds really sexy but probably a bit too much high end distortion. The group has toured throughout Italy on various music festivals in 2003 and 2004 such as Explosiva in Torino, Centro Stalbile di Cultura at Vicenza, and Dissonanze Festival in Rome, all of which are big electronic and digital music festivals in Italy. No further plans are promised from this music project.

Download the track here.

DRM - Fase 2

Visit their official site here for more info about the group.


Whoo!! Finally done with 4/5 of me finals!! Goodbye Chemistry! Anyways, notice the brand new layout, the bright, colourful stripes you see?

They're call Lifestripe and they're actually a project that's being developed by Jugem and Spread, a Japanese company. They actually let you display your day's activity in terms of colourful stripes. It's a free service but currently it is only available for blog users of Jugem. Well, i went through a lot of trouble to get Lifestripe on here. After getting a Jugem account, hours of tinkering with html, some flash knowledge, and lots of advice from Cow, I finally got Lifestripe on here!!

Here's how you actually put in data about your daily habits. The interface is pretty straightforward, just drag and drop.

Lifestripe also lets you know in relation what you habits are when compared to other Lifestripe users. It displays how many hours you're sleeping, working, or eating in a neat and nifty pie-chart. Plus, it looks extremely cool and funky. Do check out Lifestripe here.

Carl Cox's Phuture

London based House/Techno DJ and Producer extraodinaire, Carl Cox delivers again with with a hit LP entitled "Phuture 2000". The remix by Hybrid is a great breakbeat mix lined with a hint of house. Not too heavy, just right for an intro track. Similiar to the likes of Paul Oakenfold's "Ready Steady Go". The track has been on Epitonic's top 10 download charts of all time for quite some time already. Do check out the page at Epitonic here.

Carl Cox - Phuture 2000 (Hybrid Remix)

Carl Cox - Phuture 2000 (Deepsky Remix)

Quruli (くるり)

Featuring an electronic rock band from Japan, and signed by the same company (Speedstar Records) as the wonderful Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの). The band "Quruli" (くるり - Pronouced as koo-ru-ri) is also from Kyoto, the same city Tsuji Ayano grew up. I managed to catch their video of their new hit single "Akai Densha" (赤い電車, translation - Red Train) on NHK's english show J-Melo yesterday afternoon. J-Melo is this Japanese music show that is presented in English and allows Japanese people and foreigners to pick up English usage through the show. Read about it here. The video by Quruli is interesting and features the front view from a train travelling on rail tracks. Song features soulful lyrics lined with a great electronic bassline. I've got this feeling that they're going to be one of my favourite bands for some time. くるりの音楽(赤い電車)が好きです!それが興味深い歌であるので。。 music videoも面白いな。。

Check out a sample of the song here:

Quruli - Akai Densha

Quruli - Akai Densha (Video)

Do check out the band's official page here at Speedstar Records where you can get the band's discography, music videos, and buy some of their music.

First Love Piano Scores

Here are some piano scores from the wonderful and talented Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル that I've scoured from several sites on the internet. and yes, my copy of "Be My Last" is still yet to arrive. In the mean time, do download the beautiful MV for Utada Hikaru'sn new single "Be My Last" which is filmed in Prague, on her official site here:

Utada Hikaru - Be My Last (MV) wmv

Utada Hikaru piano scores from Hikaru no Tenshi
First Love
Time will Tell
Sakura ドロップス (Sakura Drops)
Final Distance

Below here are the piano scores from Singrainpiano

Utada Hikaru - First Love
[Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4] [Page 5]

Utada Hikaru - Can you Keep a Secret?
[Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3]

many thanks to Hikaru no Tenshi & Singrainpiano

feeling Jazzy

Mark Boling Trio is a music project by Mark Boling, a jazz guitarist, teacher, composer, and collaborates frequently with veteran side man with pianist Donald Brown, collaborator with drummer Keith Brown and bassist Rusty Holloway in the Boling, Brown, & Holloway (BBH) trio. The jazz that they play is among the best in the USA and sounds really eclectic with the irregular beats and percussions playing in the background. Not really classical-jazz, instead the style leans more towards avant-garde contemporary.

Download the mp3 here:

Mark Boling Trio - Therapetic

The picture above shows the trio performing in Zim Concert.2 2004.

Do visit the official site at and here is their site on Epitonic.

Bossa Astoria

Zagar is a music band originating from Hungary and consists of Balázs Zságer aka Zagar (fender rhodes, keys, programming), Andor Kovács (guitar, bass), DJ Bootsie (scratches), and Tibor Lázár (drums). In the summer of 2002 they already played at many different festivals in Hungary and abroad as well under the name Zagar. After that they recorded their debut album "Local Broadcast". They are well established in the underground and indie music scene in Eastern Europe.

Seriously this track here does sound kindy jazzy. The elegant synths in the original version gives it that distinct and unmistakable lounge groove to it. This track blends nu-jazz with electronic waltzy-dance rhythms and has been on my list of top 10 lounge tracks for quite awhile. Anyways, the differences between the original track by Zagar and Sumo's remix are really interesting. Worth trying them out.

Zagar - Bossa Astoria
Zagar - Bossa Astoria (Eric Sumo remix)

Download the Music Video here:
Zagar - Bossa Astoria

Grab more of the band's MV's and mp3 at their official site here.

Endless Love Lyrics

Due to popular demand I've decided to post the lyrics for "Endless Love I", the OST from Jackie Chan's new movie "The Myth". Do check out the movie and download the OST and MV here.


Translation JC:
Release me from this mysterious waiting
The stars are falling; the wind is blowing.
Finally I can hold you in my arms.
Two hearts beating together.
Believe me that my heart is never-changing
Waiting a thousand years.
You have my promise.
Despite many bitter winters, I never let you go.
Close your eyes and tightly grab my hands.
]Please recall the past - the days we were in love.
We loved each other too much,
It is sorrowful that we can't even say "I love you."
Every night my heart aches.
I never stop thinking of you.
I am used to being alone for such a long time
And I face it with a smile.
Believe me, I choose to wait.
Even though it's painful, I won't leave.
Only your tenderness can save me from the endless cold.
Close your eyes and tightly grab my hands.
Please recall the past - the days we were in love.
We loved each other too much,
It is sorrowful that we can't even say "I love you."
JC and Kim:
Let love be a blossoming flower in our hearts.
We can pass through time, never bowing our heads,
And never giving up our dream.
We loved each other too much,
That is the source of our pain.
It is sorrowful that we can't even say "I love you."
JC and Kim:
Let love be a blossoming flower in our hearts.
We can pass through time, never bowing our heads,
And never giving up our dream.
Kim (in Korean) and JC (in Chinese:
We never forget our promise.
Kim and JC:
Only true love follows us as we pass through time.
We can't even say "I love you."
The love we have in our hearts is the only never-changing myth.


jie kai wo, zui shen mi de deng dai
xing xing zhui luo fong zai chui dong
zhong yu zai jiang ni yong ru huai zhong
liang ke xin chan dou

xiang xin wo bu bian de zhen xin
qian nian deng dai yao wo cheng nuo
wu lun jing guo duo shao de han dong
wo jue bu fang shou

ijen naye soneul chapgo neuneul kabwayo
uri saranghaeddon naldeud senggaghaebwayo
uri nomu saranghaesso apassod neyo
soro saranghangdan malgo motheson neyo

mei yi ye, bei xing tong chuan yue
sze nian yong mei you zhong dian
zao xhi guan le gu du xiang sui
wo wei xiao mian dui

xiang xin wo yi xuan ze deng dai
zai duo ku tong ye bu shan duo
zhi you ni de wen rou neng jie jiu
wu bian de leng mo

ijen naye soneul chapgo neuneul kabwayo
uri saranghaeddon naldeud senggaghaebwayo
uri nomu saranghaesso apassod neyo
soro saranghangdan malgo motheson neyo

rang ai cheng wei ni wo xin zhong
nai yong yuan sheng kai de hua
chuan yue shi kong jue bu di tou
yong bu fang qi de mong
uri nomu saranghaesso apassod neyo
soro saranghangdan malgo motheson neyo
rang ai cheng wei ni wo xing zhong
na yong yuan sheng kai de hua
uri sohjunghaedon yaksog
ijineun marayowei
you zhen ai zhui sui ni wo
chuan yue wu jin shi kong
soro saranghangdan malgo motheson neyo

ai shi xin zhong wei yi, bu bian mei li de shen hua

credits to &

Tsuji Ayano

Here's a Japanese female singer that writes and sings in a style that i really love. Her name is Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの). She plays a ukelele and is well-known for singing the OST for Hayao Miyazaki's (宮崎駿) Studio Ghibli anime film Cat's Returns (猫の恩返し) - Kaze ni Naru (風になる, translation - I become the Wind). She's not really that famous in Japan but her songs are really heart-warming, gentle and happy and her lyrics are really meaningful and sweet if you understand them. And when combined with the delicate twang of her ukulele she makes those qualities uniquely hers. She was born and grew up in the historic city of Kyoto and was a folk fan in high school and throughout college. Tsuji Ayano debuted on the indie scene in 1998 and some fateful meetings with the right people led to her commercial debut and steadily growing popularity.

Generally I feel so free and happy after listening to her tracks. I listen to her tracks the night before I sit for exams and sumhow they worked. I really like her tracks Tsuki ga Naiteru (月が泣いてる, translation - The Moon Cries) and Arikitari na Romansu (ありきたりなロマンス, translation - Ordinary Romance) from her wonderful album Ren Ren Fu Ka (恋恋風歌). Her cover of Disney's "When you Wish upon a Star" which is sang in Japanese is also really nice and is included in the double CD album "Cover Girl".

Her new single entitled Autumn and Winter is released on the 5th of October. Do listen to a sample of some of her tracks at Speedstar here. (Streaming Media)

Tsuji Ayano - Kaze ni Naru

Tsuji Ayano - Yubikiri (From her new single)

She refers to herself in the first person, as "Boku"(僕) and second person as "Kimi"(君) in many of her songs. Generally it is impolite for girls to use "Boku". "Boku" is mainly used by boys to refer themselves although most modern japanese girls also use "Boku" in this age. So her lyrics would sound as if a little boy is singing for his sweetheart.

Please check Tsuji Ayano out, her music won't dissapoint you, I promise you!

Here are some unofficial english translated lyrics of her songs. Do visit her official site at Speedstar Records here and don't forget to check out her official blog here which she updates pretty frequently. Sorry it is available in Japanese only.

Timeless Memories

here's a little poem i wrote while listening to Andain - Beautiful Things(Gabriel & Dresden Remix).

Timeless Memories

So many beautiful things,
I don't want to forget,
counting on the many blessings,
and wonderful people I’ve met.

Stories from yesterday,
remain as forever moments,
Tales from a bygone day,
remain as precious presents,

Reminiscing in the past,
for that I have done,
Yet time passes too fast,
and that I’ve missed the fun.

The seasons go by ever so swiftly,
but alas, you cannot cry,
Because Time is just simply,
Passing us with a sigh.

The past has left us.


So many beautiful things,
I don't want to forget,
but Time does the weavings,
leaving things to be set.

I'm paddling in the waves of time,
searching for memories;
Only wishing I could get a rhyme,
but lost in the reveries.

Never will I look back again
Crying tears, confusing fears,
They’ll heal any pain,
before I’ve passed many years.

The wheel of Time continues its spin,
memories ever fading and emerging.
But we know that its already a win,
for indeed life itself is a blessing.

The future lies beyond us.

Elegant Pianowork

I'm back!!.....zzzzzz...... so sleepy....been cramming in few hours of study for the past few days...darn, my finals are just around the corner....Anyways, today's track is a beautiful classical piece, so should take off most of the stress.

Anna Chepikova, a Russian born pianist teaches & plays in virtually any style from classical Masterpieces by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky to contemporary jazz, Christian & pop. This concert pianist and music teacher is extremely versatile in all the different styles of music she plays. Incredibly diverse, elegant, classy, and jazzy at times. The piano solo here is a classic by Pachelbel, yet she plays it in such a distinct style.

Visit her official site here.

Anna Chepikova - Canon in D(Pachelbel)

Outstanding Sakamoto

I just managed to watch Ryuichi Sakamoto's Japan Tour 2005 at Zepp Tokyo on NHK World TV this afternoon. It was truly brilliant. Mr Sakamoto did a live performance using a Yamaha grand piano, a mac, and other electronic music instruments. (Pioneer CDJ 1000mk2, Roland drum synths, a Korg Kaoss Pad KP2 and i think what was a Akai MPC) Ryuichi Sakamoto is an internationally reknowned Japanese composer and producer of classical, ethnic, and usually electronic music. He composed the Oscar award winning scores for movies "The Last Emperor" and "Sheltering Sky". He has also composed scores for the opening of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Recently, mobile phone maker, Nokia hired Sakamoto to produce ringtones for the Nokia 8800. His music is often described as groundbreaking and genre-crossing. His ability to blur the lines between the genres of music that he produces is what makes his tracks so special and highly acclaimed by music critics worldwide.

The track featured here is "World Citizen (I Won't Be Disappointed)", live performed on 25 July 2005 in Zepp Tokyo by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steve Jansen, Christian Fennesz, and David Sylvian. Vocals by reknowned singer and songwriter David Sylvian is just right. More about Mr David Sylvian in my future reviews. Extremely soulful and with a minimalistic touch to it. The track also features mellow drum beats and soft electronic bass rhythms combined with a gentle piano playing in the background to give it that relaxing atmosphere. Downright brilliant.

Also, download a FREE copy of the screensaver of his album BTTB (Back to the Basics) here.

Do check out Mr Sakamoto's site here for more news and his discography.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen (Live at Tokyo 2005)

Tower of Goo

Okay....i was bored....*wink*....Found this great site with tons of experimental games that are constantly being developed..A ton of great stuff here. I tried playing this game "Tower of Goo" where you have to build a gooey tower higher and higher without toppling over...Great idea about this experimental gameplay project, and it gained a lot of exposure from the gamers and people in the game industry. Rules for the games involved in this project is:
each game must be made in less than 7 days
each game must be made by one person, including all art, sound, and programming
each game must be based around a certain "toy" ie. "gravity", "vegetation", "swarm", etc.

Download a copy of the game "Tower of Goo" here.
Do check out the site here.

ipod Video!!

WOOHOO!! ipod video has just been released by Apple.

This latest installment of the excessively popular ipod family now plays videos. The 30GB and 60GB models loads up to 15,000 songs, full-color album art and up to 25,000 photos. It also supports up to 150 hours of video with its 2.5-inch color LCD display. Meaning you could catch your favourite TV shows on the ipod.

It connects out through an option TV-out cable (which I imagine is just a good ol’ 1/8”-to-Triple-RCA adpator), or you can do s-video through a dock connector. It will also interface with the new Apple Remote to allow couch-potato viewing.

Apparently, current versions of the iPod Photo can play video, it’s just disabled at the moment. So an iPod firmware update should ostensibly enable video playback on a model you already own.

The iTunes music store will sell music videos for $1.99 apiece, and TV shows for the same – $2 an episode.

The 30GB model retails for $299 and 60GB retails for $399.

Check it out at Apple's official site here.


Whoa!! Finally managed to get the OST for "The Myth". The CD was just released for about a week and was practically sold out in the first two record stores i went to(Fantasy & Speedy Video). The next batch would only arrive on Thursday, and that's not guaranteed. Heck, i went to Tower Records and finally found it there! It was the last copy on the cd shelf!! Managed to listen to the Chinese version of "Endless Love". Its called "Endless Love II". Great vocals by Sun Nan and Han Hong in this track but i don't really like the harmony they changed. I prefer the original harmony from "Endless Love I". Really impressive music by Nathan Wang and Gary Chase. Extremely mature and deep production here. Best track in the CD apart from "Endless Love" is probably "The Last Stand". This was the track that was used as the background music when General Meng Yi was fighting to his death. Another notable track is "Reunited", this track is like a choir & strings version of "Endless Love". =)

Definately worth every cent i paid for the CD. GRAB THIS CD NOW!!

You can listen to a FREE copy of the themesong "Endless Love" here.


OMG, i'm seriously having a BIG addiction to "Endless Love".....been listening to the same track for more than 20 times a day for the past 3 days!!! 死啦!係唔係好恐佈咧?.......gosh!!!.....its one of those songs that i listen over over and over again without getting bored. Another one of these is "CASSHERN"'s "The Last Day" by Shiro Sagisu......that one the addiction's actually worse but i've gotten over it now....HPing says there's this other full Chinese version of "Endless Love" but the male vocals are much better cuz they're not sung by Jackie. I'll try digging them out. In the mean time, do download the addictive track "Endless Love" here and see if you have the same side-effects as i have.

Anyways, back to today's review here, sorry for ranting and any inconvenience caused. =)

Rene Breitbath, a reknowned veteran of the community gives you another great dose of minimal, tech house with his track "125". Basically same rift throughout the entire track, similiar to many other minimal tracks but a great subtle bassline combined with a decent and catchy hook merge seamlessly to create a great tech house track here and is something that really deserves to be on vinyl. The track is a bit softer than most tech house tracks and not really dancefloor friendly, but it is just ideal as an intro track for funky house sessions. This track is featured on the "Designated Drivers Compilation" on textone.

Rene Breitbath - 125

Woman = Book ?

I find the following article extremely amusing:

You see, a girl is just like a book. In fact the lead up to all relationships can be analysed based on this side by side comparison.

Face it - every book is judged by its cover. If the book cover looks nice and new, you would probably be tempted to walk over and pick it up. A book cover that is badly designed shows that the author didn't really make an effort.

Then again there are other forces in play. If the book was written by a famous author or the title is different and catches your eye, then if you have time in the bookstore you would most likely pick up the book.

That's when you walk over.

Then maybe, just maybe the cover design is interesting enough to make you want to find out more about the book. So what do you do? You flip over to the back cover to read the blurb.

That's when you say hello, let the introductions begin.If the blurb is interesting then like any experienced book buyer you would squat down the aisle and flip the pages. If it looks promising you would walk to the provided benches in the bookstore to read the first couple chapters.

That's when you take her out on dates.

If you like what you have read so far, then how? Buy the book to read at home la...

That's when you develop a relationship with her.

If the book is good, you would probably introduce it to your friends. But all hell breaks loose if they 'borrow' your copy and you never see it again. So how? Tell them to buy their own copy la.

Some books remain favourites even when they are old and tattered. These people are called loyal readers. You want my copy of LOTR? Go f*ck yourself.

Some people buy the books then sell it off after they read it. These people are called 'playboys'.

Some people leave the books on the shelf never to be read again for the rest of their lives. These people are called 'married'.

Then my very philosophical friend who gave me the opening lines on this older post said,

"Even bad books are sacred, and therefore precious."

What is the moral of the story?

Original article here


Soulfull UK Jazz/House

Matthew Herbert, a British DJ and producer of modern house who is also known as Radio Boy, Wishmountain, and Doctor Rockit, released "Leave Me Now" in 2001, and is the first single to bereleased from the forthcoming album "Bodily Functions", the long-awaited follow-up to 1998's "Around the house".

His music often incorporates organic sounds and samples of various noises from everyday life. This track features extremely light, soulfull and sublime house beats combined with a late night twist to the melody. Mainly jazz, but set in a house framework, is what that sets this track apart from other house/jazz contemporaries. The track features some great vocals from Dani Siciliano. Herbert sets theses vocals amid a sparse click track tenderly augmented with a nearly inaudible synth pad and an occasional piano chord. Grab more of his stuff from and his official site here.

Herbert - Leave Me Now

Kinky Kinkish Vibes

"tripped out weirdness with a great beat" -Score, Baby!

"an alcohol-induced fantasy album perfect for cocktail party-turned-orgy" -Supersphere

"a retro-futurist space odyssey" -Sleazenation (#8)

This is another one of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite electronic music groups of all time. What would the titles "Zero-Gravity Miniskirt" and "Inter-Sexual Overdrive" induce thoughts of? WIERD STUFF, ISN'T IT?

Seksu Roba's music is seemingly digital and extremely post-modern yet sometimes retro, funky electronic. The Korean/Japanese/US music group is based in Los Angeles and features Japanese artist/designer/vocalist Lun*na Menoh and Korean producer/thereminist Sukho Lee. The two met through Los Angeles' underground electronic scene and they produce great electronic music. Using theremin, mini-moog, and micro-processor based technology, they create space groove electro-love vibrations that expand the mind and libido while massaging the soul - provocative pop and instrumental music that can be appreciated by electronic music fans, DJ's, pop music fans, and anyone who just enjoys fun, eclectic music.

The track combines bubbling synths with a piano playing a funky jazz rift and a digital-ish bassline squishing subtly in the background. All playing in sub bossa nova and compound tempo. Great sci-fi odyssey into deep space-age rhythms. Kinky kinkish electronic/digital vibes and extremely groundbreaking. Seksu Roba's music is both delicate and ingenious. SUPERB STUFF!! Download more of Seksu Roba's tracks here.

Seksu Roba - Zero Gravity Miniskirt

Seksu Roba - Inter-Sexual Overdrive


Great lounge music here by underground Japanese duo Neutrino, Atsuhiro Murakami and Hideki Kuroda, similiar to the likes of DJ Krush, and Seksu Roba. Perfect track for chilling out in a lounge after a wild night of psychadelic trance out at many of Tokyo's clubs. Neutrino's music is simple yet elegant, minimal and inspires feelings that are predominantly neutral. Repetitive at times, but not annoyingly so, with chilly-chill hip-hop beats and gentle analog quasi-melodies. No vocals used, but Murakami and Kuroda make good use of the vocal samples. Extremely infectious balance of late night downtempo grooves and hip hop beats with this track. GRAB IT NOW!!

Neutrino - Syupaman


Managed to watch Jackie Chan's new Movie "The Myth" (神話) this afternoon. I'm usually not a big fan of Jackie Chan films but my friends decided to watch so i tagged along anyway. Wasn't exactly a great movie but since it had certain aspects that i pretty much liked, i decided to run a review on it anyway. This new JC film is directed by internationally-reknowned Hong Kong director Stanley Tong (唐季禮). Great cinematography by the art director. Especially the decapitating scene. Editing and transition of scenes are good. Most notably between the modern day parts and the parts from Qin dynasty. You don't get the feeling of watching two separate films. Good use of background music, notably in the fight scenes. Jackie's fight scenes in ancient Qin were extremely heroic and dramatic. OST was nice. More about the OST a bit later in this article. CG animation of Emperor Qin(秦始皇)'s levitating mausoluem is crude and a bit off today's industry standard. Jackie Chan pretty much keeps his standards in his fight stunts this time but stunning performance by Korean actress Kim Hee Seon and Tony Leung Ka Fai. I love Chinese history and i must give credit to Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong for making a fictatious account but still sticking to pretty much of the original historical plot based on decpiction of the Qin dynasty by the first true Chinese historian Ssu Ma Chien(司馬仟).

Jackie Chan plays the part of Jack and General Meng Yi(蒙毅). Jack is portrayed as an Indiana Jones styled adventurer that helps his friend, William with science research. Jack also has dreams about General Meng Yi, a general from the Qin dynasty in ancient China during the reign of China's first emperor Qin Shi Quang Di, and Ok Soo, a concubine of the Emperor. She is portrayed by reknowned Korean actress Kim Hee Seon.

In actual history, General Meng Yi was sentenced to death by the evil imperial eunuch Zhao Gao (趙高) as the general was accused for treason and did not die in battle as portrayed in the movie. General Meng Yi was a reputable general and a faithful supporter of Fusu(扶蘇), the first son of Qin Shi Huang(秦始皇). Zhao Gao supported Hu Hai(胡亥), the Emperor's second son and therefore conspired with Li Si (李斯), the Imperial Secreteriat to falsify the Emperor's will and Fusu to commit suicide and stripped the command of troops from General Meng Tian (蒙恬), brother of General Meng Yi. Zhao Gao hated the Meng brothers and using the hands of Hu Hai, now the Second Emperor, he forced Meng Tian to commit suicide and killed Meng Yi. Also, the potion of immortality was never actually created. This is the period of Chinese history that is most extensively researched by Chinese Historians. Do read more about the history of the Qin Dynasty and Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di here (Chinese only) and check out the page about Qin on Wikipedia.

我覺得秦代歷史係中國歷史最值得研究的一部份. 因為秦始皇對中國日後既文化有深遠影響. 秦始皇統一六國,推出新既中國文字 - (出自李斯的小篆), 為以後中國既發展奠定基礎. 加上秦始皇又建造宏偉的兵馬俑, 秦皇陵, 阿房宮以及萬里長城, 實在係中國歷史上前無古人,后冇來者。。

Notably, i would like to mention that most of the parts in the movie was based on actual history. Emperor Qin Shi Huang did create his own grand mausoluem, although probably not floating. Nonetheless, many scholars have heralded it as "The Eighth Wonder of The Ancient World". The Emperor began building his tomb at the age of 13 immediately after his coronation. However, the tomb was never excavated due to the lack of funds and technology of preserving the tomb by the Chinese officials. Other scholars view this as an excuse to cover up the fact that Emperor Qin's tomb was looted years ago by grave robbers. The giant crossbows and arrows used as defense system in the mausoluem and the rivers of mercury in which William died was also depicted by the historian Ssu Ma Chien. General Meng Yi's sword and armour were based on those of a Terracota Army General. The horse carriages in the mausoluem were even based on archaological findings in Xian, China near the Emperor's true mausoluem. Below is a picture of the actual bronze carriages (銅車馬) they excavated in 1975. See the resemblance to the animated props in the movie?

Movie plot is imaginative and original even though based on actual history. I've seen many film directors and Chinese novel writers use the same piece of history for their plots but I've never seen it presented this way. What I didn't like was probably some of the CG effects that were being used, for instance the mausoluem. Also I think its a bit hard to understand the plot if you don't know about the historical side of the story. I've heard people say that you have to either be a Chinese or be a scholar in Chinese History to fully understand the movie. People who don't have a certain knowledge about Chinese culture and history would probably find it confusing about certain parts in the movie. Also, it might also feel wierd for Jackie Chan to star in films with a romantic plot. Verdict? Good and decent film overall, but several factors might undermine it. Otherwise, it could be a PERFECT film. Could be better.


You can also visit "The Myth"s official site here for latest news, see photos, and watch a trailer from the film.

The beautiful theme song from the movie is called Endless Love and is sung in Chinese and Korean by Jackie and Kim. You can view the music video here and download it here.

Best part of the movie is probably the themesong. WARNING!! The theme song is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE but *ahem* sorta chessy track. One of the better cheese that I've encountered in recent times. Heck, i just downloaded it from Jackie's official site here and i've been listening to the track ever since! This track is a duet sang in both Chinese and Korean by Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon, the lead actress in the movie. Nevermind the vocals by Jackie Chan, they're not really good(Jackie can't sing really well) but lyrics are really meaningful and relevant to the movie. Both the melody and harmony is just so beautiful!! Next thingy is probably try to find the track's piano score. Either that, or I'll have to write my own arrangement for the track since the melody is pretty simply and straightforward. Nice of you Jackie to have provided FREE downloads of the OST!! Thank you!! 多謝多謝!! =) Damn I'm definately buying the OST and probably even the DVD for the movie!!

Download the OST for the movie "Endless Love" here:

Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon - Endless Love

Lounge Music

YES!! I'm finally done with my trials!! *Breaths* Hope that i pass this time...=)

Presenting a Swiss music project based in Zurich led by the idea to to reach the listener directly via their webpage. I like their pioneering idea of spreading their music out to people on their page. Great beginning to this project cuz they're also offering FREE and complete promo copies of their tracks and selling some of their other tracks. This ambient track, "Voyage" is a very beautiful and relaxing track, mixing elements of nu-jazz and downtempo. Perfect, classic and very soothing lounge music. Very chilling atmosphere.

More of their FREE mp3s here.

Ohrlab - Voyage

Nu/Psy Ambient - Shulman

Great track here by Shulman. A music project that produces great psybient and electronic music. The duo’s debut album, "soundscapes and modern tales", released in february 2002 by the leading label shaffel records, received excellent reviews and world-wide acclaim. The beginning of the track was this speech about the recovery of a UFO and aliens by the British Intelligence. Great use of the vox synth to make it sound as if there were aliens speaking. Very hypnotic and chilling atmosphere to this track. Unique and unlike anything that I've heard before.

Shulman - Small Grey Creatures


Just woke up from bed and i'm feeling a bit drowsy....zzzzzzzzzz......heck, i really should be studying for my trials when i'm doing this....

Anywase, here's a new Psy trance project from France that i've listened to recently. It's called Ectoplasm. Sounds like a clashed-up mix of Skazi and Hallucinogen minus the vocal synths. Hyperactive appreggiation, stunning work on the kicks, distorted acid basslines fuse together to create a great psychedelic atmosphere. Probably good enough to make anyone start hallucinating without taking any LSD. Great job on the tracks, especially "Fat Hairs". For those who love psytrance, i bet you're probably gonna like this track too.

You can download a FREE copy of their mp3 here.

Hikki's "Be My Last" released today!

Utada Hikaru's new single "Be My Last" is released today! I'm only getting my copy sometime soon in October cuz my sis friend is not yet back from japan. So i guess i just have to be kept waiting for the moment. The song is the themesong for the Japanese motion picture 春の雪 (Haru no Yuki, Official English translation - Snowy Love Fallin' in Spring)

For you guys that haven't heard about her, Utada Hikaru is a popular Japanese artist. Her hit single "First Love", sold over 10 million copies worldwide. I've listened to a sample of the track and i'm really impressed and glad that Hikki did such a great job this time around. Very different styles here as compared to her previous English album "Exodus". "Be My Last" was reminiscent of her last Japanese single, 誰かの願い叶うころ(Dareka no negai kanau koro, translation - By the time someone's wish is realized), which was also the OST for CASSHERN, a movie directed by her husband, Kiriya Kazuaki and featured stunning CG animation that could rival those from The Matrix and the budget for the film was over 5 billion Yen. ~OUCH!~ Very impressive job on the vocals for this new track, and i definately must also give credit to the guitar work. The MV for the song was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic. Castle shown in the background of the cover art is Hradcany Castle. A very aesthetically done MV although I don't quite get the meaning. 光妹今次個single真係好動聽!! 值得去買來欣賞欣賞下!!

Do check out a sample of the track at Toshiba-Emi's Official Site here.

Great jazz

Disclaimer: I only provide links to completely LEGAL and LEGITIMATE songs on this page. All links to mp3s are taken from artists' sites, labels or other legitimate sources. They are intended for evaluation purposes only. Do support the artists by buying their music. Heck, I dun wanna the RIAA and other record labels to come breathing down my neck.

Ok, now back. Well, currently i've been listening to a lot of jazz and nu-jazz recently. Underground stuff actually....=) I came across Lars Hornveth's project on sometime ago. Its called Jaga Jazzist. I heard some of Lars Hornveth's other tracks previously such as "Tics" but i've never heard anything of this sort. Extremely good and unique. I've been playing the track "Oslo Skyline" for more than 5 times today! Good mix of contemporary progressive rock and jazzy vibes with a hint of ambient for the intro. The intro is a bit soft to my liking, but as the track progresses, you'll get this really catchy guitar rift coming in that punches you right in the eye. ~Sweet.

Jaga Jazzist - Oslo Skyline

Hey!! Hello There!! Here I Go:

OK. What i wanna do is just present a view on the things i see and share some of my rather unique music tastes with you guys out here and try to expose some extremely good but rather obscure music with you guys out there.

I'll try to update as often as i can or whenever i feel like it and I'll try to keep this page full with reviews and promo copies from underground music artists. =) Do give me comments on what you think about my page and what kinda things i should improve upon. 今次第一次開設Music Review Blog. 大家請多多指教!!! どぞ宜しくお願いします!!! Peace!



Welcome to Feng's Distorted World : 鋒言鋒語!

This site is a collection of some of the music I've listened to and some other cool content. Whenever possible, I'll provide links to mp3s that are taken from artists' sites, labels or other legitimate sources. From time to time, I'll also post other articles that I find interesting.

These are the major things that I'll be writing about, in descending order of frequency.

Piano Scores

I'm always looking forward to approach fresh content to put on this site, so if you are a budding artist/musician waiting for that next big break or you have music and other interesting content that's screaming "Review Me!", feel free to send it over to fengdw [at] gmail [dot] com. When emailing information about yourself / your artists, please also supply an mp3 link where readers can download sample material. thanx!

Happy reading and listening, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

Yours sincerely,


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