Gutevolk is the solo music project of Hirono Nishiyama. She began her career with an album for Nobukazu Takemura's Childisc label (2001's Pied Piper and the Kaisentou EP) as well as collaborated with Takemura as a vocalist. She has also released work on Haroumi Hosono's Daisyworld label (The Humming Of Tiny People, 2002). Gutevolk's music, generally accompanied by Nishiyama's whispery, childlike vocals, is a mix of ambient electronica alt.folk with subtle hints of jazz and pure pop. Nishiyama shares an ability to mix beats, textures, found sounds, and simple melodies into something simultaneously electronic and organic, playful and dark.

Gutevolk - Sora

Visit the artist's official site here for more sample tracks and news.

Romanian Folk Dances

Béla Bartók (1881-1945), the greatest Hungarian composer, was often heralded as one of the most significant musicians of the twentieth century. His music was invigorated by the themes, modes, and rhythmic patterns of the Hungarian and other folk music traditions from Eastern Europe he studied, which he synthesized with influences from his contemporaries into his own distinctive style.

Bartók also became interested in other folk traditions, studying the folk music of Romanians, Slovakians, Serbs, Croatians, Bulgarians, Turks, and North Africans as well as Hungarians. In 1906, while visiting Algeria, Bartók had a vision of how he might begin to order scattered folk tunes of the world. This, as he recalled, ended any desire on his part for the kind of career others had projected for him, as "the future master of the most charming salon music." Afterwards, the main task of his life was to collect, analyze, and catalogue major portions of the world's folk music.

The Romanian Folk Dances are works based on folksongs and dances collected by Bartók from peasants and Gypsies during his pioneering ethno-musicological field trips through Hungary in 1910-14.Even in the simplest setting, Bartók often varies a voice in the accompaniment, slightly changing the "color" of the chord, avoiding verbatim repetition of a phrase. All of this happens in the briefest of time spans. The Rumanian Folk Dances presents each of the seven dances (the sixth movement is actually comprised of two distinct folk tunes) without any reprise of material.

The first dance, which translates into English as "dance with a staff" or stick (what the dancer is doing with the stick is anyone’s guess) is from the Maros-Torda region. Bartók reported that it was played to him by two Rumanian Gypsy violinists from Màramaros. The Bràul is a dance that involves the use of a waistband or sash. The lovely third dance, in which the violin imitates the sound of a rustic flute, while the piano acts as a drone, translates roughly into "the Stomper." Both of these dances are from Torontàl. Another lovely melody is presented in The Dance of the Buscum People from Torda-Aranyos. Next we have a Rumanian "Polka" from Bihar. Finally, the last movement is made up of two fast dances; Manuntelul for couples, from Behar and Torda-Aranyos.

Here's a great piece from Bartok that i really like:

Bela Bartok - Romanian Folk Dances

thanks to Classical Music of St. Petersburg, Russia

House Sessions

I've finally done mixing this house mixset for December 2005!!

Chris Hale - Kimochi (It Feels Good)
Satoshi Tomiie - Up in Flames (Original Mix)
Nat Monday - Waiting (John Creamer/Stephen K Mix)
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
PQM - Nameless

a bit heavier and darker than the usual stuff i do...=) tell me what you think about the mix!

Download it here:
Feng - House Sessions Dec 05 (29mb)

Hell March!

Found this really classic game soundtrack from the popular game of the 1990s - Red Alert. This was a game I used to play as a little kid. All the music in the Red Alert was composed by Frank Klepacki. Among his most famous songs from the series is the theme of Red Alert, titled "Hell March", which accents the style of the game with adrenalized riffs of electric guitar and synthesizers to the dramatic chant of "We want war, wake up!" It alone has enlisted itself as a staple in the Red Alert series (i.e. a second version of Hell March was even created for Red Alert 2)

Frank Klepacki - Hell March

Download a DEMO copy of the game Red Alert here. (72Mb)

Endless Love 2 Lyrics

Back by popular demand, here are the lyrics for the beautiful song "Endless Love 2" by Sun Nan and Nan Hong from "The Myth". All in original chinese, translation, and pinyin... Do check out the movie and download the OST and MV here. Enjoy!

(男): 夢中人熟悉的臉孔 你是我守候的溫柔
就算淚水淹沒天地 我不會放手
每一刻孤獨的承受 只因我曾許下承諾
你我之間熟悉的感動 愛就要甦醒

(女): 萬世滄桑唯有愛是永遠的神話

(和): 枕上雪冰封的愛戀 真心相擁才能溶解
風中搖曳爐上的愛火 不減亦不滅
等待花開春去春又來 無情歲月笑我癡狂
心如鋼鐵任世界荒蕪 思念永相隨

(男): 萬世滄桑唯有愛是永遠的神話

(和): 悲歡歲月唯有愛是永遠的神話

(女): 你是我心中唯一美麗的神話

(M): meng zhong ren shu xi de lian kong, ni shi wo shou hou de wen rou
jiu suan lei shui yan mo tian di, wo bu hui fang shou
mei yi ke gu du de cheng shou, zhi yin wo cheng xu qia cheng nuo
ni wo zhi jian shu xi de gan dong, ai jiu yao xing xing

(F): wan shi cang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
chao qi chao luo shi zhong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue
ji fan ku tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen

(T): zhen shang xue bing feng de ai lian, zhen xin xiang yong cai neng rong jie
feng zhong yao yi lu shang de ai huo, bu mie yi bu jian
deng dai hua kai chun qu chun you lai, wu qing sui yue xiao wo chi kuang
xin ru gang tie ren shi jie huang wu, si nian yong xiang sui

(M): wan shi cang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
chao qi chao luo shi zhong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue
ji fan ku tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen

(T): bei huan sui yue wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua
shei dou mei you yi wang gu lao gu lao de shi yan
ni de lei shui hua wei man tian fei wu de cai die
ai shi yi xia zhi feng liang xin xiang shui zi zai fei

(F): ni si wo xin zhong wei yi mei li de shen hua

The familiar face in my dreams, is the tenderness that I await
Even though tears flood the skies and earth, I’ll never let go
Every moment passes in loneliness, because I have made a promise
Deeply touched moments between us, love must wake up

Throughout the ages only love will remain as a myth
Perpetual motion of tides will never bring regret to the promise of true love
After many painful toilings and struggling in the dark
Hold our hands together, never to part again

Love that is capped by snow, will only be melted by the embrace of true hearts
The flame of love on a lamp in the wind never decreases and dies
Waiting for flowers to bloom, spring comes and goes, Time laughs because I’m a fool
Heart is as cold as steel, letting the world to ruin, but I’ll always be missing you

Throughout the ages only love will remain as a myth
Perpetual motion of tides will never bring regret to the promise of true love
After many painful toilings and struggling in the dark
Hold our hands together, never to part again

Happy or sad times, its only love that’s the eternal myth
No one forgets the ancient promise
Your tears become colourful butterflies on the sky
Love in the wind letting both hearts to fly freely

You’re the only beautiful myth in my heart


Whoo its a while since I lasted posted anything at all! Today I'll be introducing you guys to songstress/actress Nicola Cheung (張燊悅) from Hong Kong. She has acted in several lead roles in TVB dramas such as Mr. Diana, FM 701, and 美麗人生 (Reaching Out). Athough she has released several AVEPs and an album, she's not really well known in Hong Kong for singing. I've got her album "Angel of Mercy" and its really great - features the hit track "Angel of Mercy" written by Maurice Gibb of Bee Gees and lyrics written by her. This song is about war and how much suffering it causes to people around the world and how much she wishes someday everthing will be better. Very meaningful song with great lyrics. The music video of the track 你的美少女戰士 (Your Pretty Warrior) was kinda amusing and funny. But I think the best track by her is "上帝愛我" (God Loves Me). The track was an instant karaoke hit when it was released and was used by her record company, Universal Music for an allstars cover version of the same track featuring reknowned singers such as Hacken Lee (李克勤), Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), Leslie Cheung (張國榮) - 同步過冬 (Having Winter Together) . Her crazy rap/rock track "Old Folks Home" (老人院) with rock band Lamkee (臨記) was interesting and kinda shocking. I personally think her songs are great because she has a really special voice and writes most of her songs and lyrics.

This is her 1st AVEP 一不小心

This is her 2nd AVEP 再不小心

This is her her album - Angel of Mercy

Listen to her tracks here:

Nicola Cheung - 衣不稱身 (Yi But Cheng Sam) (Real Audio)

Here's a GREAT photo gallery of her.

Do visit her official site at Universal Music here.


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