Gutevolk is the solo music project of Hirono Nishiyama. She began her career with an album for Nobukazu Takemura's Childisc label (2001's Pied Piper and the Kaisentou EP) as well as collaborated with Takemura as a vocalist. She has also released work on Haroumi Hosono's Daisyworld label (The Humming Of Tiny People, 2002). Gutevolk's music, generally accompanied by Nishiyama's whispery, childlike vocals, is a mix of ambient electronica alt.folk with subtle hints of jazz and pure pop. Nishiyama shares an ability to mix beats, textures, found sounds, and simple melodies into something simultaneously electronic and organic, playful and dark.

Gutevolk - Sora

Visit the artist's official site here for more sample tracks and news.



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