Audiomatix - What a Day

Currently in its 13th installment, the Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape series has gained widespread notoriety among the internet community and avid music fans since its release in 2004. The mixtape features many talented but little known musicians and includes various genres such as downtempo, chillout, RnB, hiphop, house, techno, electronic, nujazz, breakbeat and ambient as well. Every six to eight weeks, Mercedes Benz (yes, the car maker) releases a new Mixed Tape.

Was recently listening to the old Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 02 yesterday night and discovered this track "What a Day" by Audiomatix that I really liked. Little is known about the artist except that he/she could be German. Very much downtempo, the track features some really soothing female vocals coupled with a chilling background. Perfect way to end a long day at work.

Audiomatix - What a Day

The Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 13 is available for free download at and will be available till 25/09/2006. The next Mixed Tape is due for release on the next day.



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