Rakuzen Chulan Square

Here's a brief report of my Sunday lunch at Rakuzen Chulan Square branch, Kuala Lumpur, some 3 weeks ago with friends.

Chawan Mushi 茶碗蒸 (Steamed Egg), Kaori-hako kani sarada 香り箱かにサラダ (Crab Salad), Chuka Kurage 中華くらげ (Chinese-styled Jellyfish), Yanagawa-nabe 柳川鍋, and Yakitori 焼き鳥 (Skewered Chicken)

Sashimi Moriawase 刺身盛合せ

Salmon Temaki サーモン手巻き, California Temaki カリフォルニア手巻き, and Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Shiitake しいたけ (Skewered Mushroom)

Kimuchi Nabe キムチ鍋 (Seafood Soup-based hot pot)

Unagi Kabayaki うなぎ蒲焼

Sashimi Salad 刺身サラダ

Tempura Moriawase 天婦羅盛合せ

Today's Nimono この日の煮物

Soft shell crab

Sushi Moriawase 寿司盛合せ

Overall, it was a satisfying experience. Yanagawa nabe was something new I tried that day and its quite decent. Favourites here are Shiitake, Sashimi Moriwase, and Sashimi Salad. The Nimono was surprisingly good! (I'm guessing its probably even better going down with a good bottle of sake!)

Rakuzen has a really cosy environment, pretty decent food (although portion is a little small), and its good value for money.

Will return someday!



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