Shiny Day

Have been listening to a lot of Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの)recently especially the Summer single entitled "Shiny Day". She's most famous for singing the song 風に成る (Kaze ni Naru). I find that its extremely hard, if not impossible to get her albums and singles outside Japan because her record label Victor Entertainment doesn't distribute her stuff outside Japan. But definately you can get Tsuji Ayano's imported CDs made in Japan from sites such as Yesasia and CDJapan at VERY expensive prices. I was really lucky to get a copy of "Shiny Day" really cheap from ebay. And i reckon that her new album "CALENDAR CALENDAR" is supposed to be very good, just can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it.

Tsuji Ayano - Shiny Day (Real Media)

Tsuji Ayano - 愛の真夏 (Ai no Manatsu)

Tsuji Ayano and James Iha, the producer of 愛の真夏 during a live performance. Visit her official site here for more details.



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