Tsuji Ayano

Here's a Japanese female singer that writes and sings in a style that i really love. Her name is Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの). She plays a ukelele and is well-known for singing the OST for Hayao Miyazaki's (宮崎駿) Studio Ghibli anime film Cat's Returns (猫の恩返し) - Kaze ni Naru (風になる, translation - I become the Wind). She's not really that famous in Japan but her songs are really heart-warming, gentle and happy and her lyrics are really meaningful and sweet if you understand them. And when combined with the delicate twang of her ukulele she makes those qualities uniquely hers. She was born and grew up in the historic city of Kyoto and was a folk fan in high school and throughout college. Tsuji Ayano debuted on the indie scene in 1998 and some fateful meetings with the right people led to her commercial debut and steadily growing popularity.

Generally I feel so free and happy after listening to her tracks. I listen to her tracks the night before I sit for exams and sumhow they worked. I really like her tracks Tsuki ga Naiteru (月が泣いてる, translation - The Moon Cries) and Arikitari na Romansu (ありきたりなロマンス, translation - Ordinary Romance) from her wonderful album Ren Ren Fu Ka (恋恋風歌). Her cover of Disney's "When you Wish upon a Star" which is sang in Japanese is also really nice and is included in the double CD album "Cover Girl".

Her new single entitled Autumn and Winter is released on the 5th of October. Do listen to a sample of some of her tracks at Speedstar here. (Streaming Media)

Tsuji Ayano - Kaze ni Naru

Tsuji Ayano - Yubikiri (From her new single)

She refers to herself in the first person, as "Boku"(僕) and second person as "Kimi"(君) in many of her songs. Generally it is impolite for girls to use "Boku". "Boku" is mainly used by boys to refer themselves although most modern japanese girls also use "Boku" in this age. So her lyrics would sound as if a little boy is singing for his sweetheart.

Please check Tsuji Ayano out, her music won't dissapoint you, I promise you!

Here are some unofficial english translated lyrics of her songs. Do visit her official site at Speedstar Records here and don't forget to check out her official blog here which she updates pretty frequently. Sorry it is available in Japanese only.


Mark said...

If possible I could use your help....I've got the album Cover Girl and I'm trying to get my tags right on my MP3s but I don't know the track names in English.....I've been hunting everywhere and can't seem to find a listing in english.....any chance you can tell me what the track names are?

Feng said...

I've just done a blog post about cover girl in my blog post here:

COVER GIRL by Tsuji Ayano

Hope this helps

Mark said...


Marta said...

Hi! I knew Tsuji Ayano from Cat Returns. I am listening to the tracks you said you liked the most. I like them also, but my favourites are "Kaze in Naru", "Sakura no ki shita de" (this one is really great!) and the CD2 (Kyoto) from Cover girl. I like specially the low-fi sound and the simplicity of her voice with ukelele. I bought Calendar Calendar though it's not my favourite...
Now I remembered another question I have... Balanco (one of her CD's) means anything or is just the word Balanço (portuguese)?
Thanks and sorry for so many questions!

Feng said...

i'm really sorry I could'nt answer your question as I don't know much about portuguese...mind tell what Balanco means in portuguese?


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