Bolivian Psytrance

Metzanima is a project created by Gonzalo Laserna and Alejandro Ahumada in 2003, which in 2004 turned into a solo project for Gon. Gon was born in Stockholm-Sweden but with Bolivian/Greek roots. Turning 14 he moved to Bolivia where he started as a Dj in La Paz mixing Goa/Psytrance. After 7 years in Bolivia he returned to Sweden where he studied sound engineering. At this point, Gon starts composing his own music and creates Metzanima.
In late 2004 Gon is back in Bolivia with new inspiration and starts to experiment new sounds.

At this point he meets Anselmo Portugal, a great Bolivian musician, together they fused Psytrance with Bolivian native instruments such as zampo?a, quena, toyo and charango, which took the traditional tunes to new levels. In March of 2005 Metzanima presented its first album "TransAndino" with a live act, in La Paz-Bolivia. At present time Metzanima resides in Stockholm and works full time making weird noises.

Metzanima - La Paz

Visit their site here.


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