OMR are a newly-formed European duo who have entered into an already overpopulated musical space, that of electro-infused pop music. With so many groups currently vying for attention under the electropop moniker and with electroclash more generally being well and truly past its fad-of-the-moment prime, it's a wonder that these groups still continue to crop up.
Nonetheless, OMR are a fashionably late addition to the electro milieu. Some of the tracks on their Side Effects release tend to the more electrobreaky side of the electroclash spectrum while others tread into tech-house territory. Somehow, many of them end up sounding the same, perhaps because most of them depend on the same elements: moaning female vocals, uncomplex melodies and quirky samples.

Staccato, 16th note basslines littered throughout the album produce that classic electroclash feel. Four and eight bar progressions draw attention to the synthetic nature of the employed instruments. Dark and moody, a sorrowful element pervades the album and climaxes with tracks burning with an anthemic angst such as "The Door" and "Wholly."

OMR - The Door

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