Men Who Fell from Earth

Atom Heart and Bernd Friedmann, one of post-techno's most prolific experimental electronic musicians, the other an avid jazz fan, team up to create tracks of avant-garde electro-jazz.

As Flanger the two pair up to create electronic jazz in a way that blurs the lines between analog electronics. Between them both they play all instruments and then mash it all up in the computer. One minute you think you're listening to vintage Miles, Marc Moulin, or Nucleus (the good Nucleus aka Ian Carr, not the new crappy Nucleus), and the next you're listening to some weird techno bridge in the track which all crashes back into jazz territory... nice.

The track "The Men Who Fell from Earth" has some drum n bass influences throughout, most notably in the first few minutes, yet it never fails to retain its distinct jazzy vibes, bringing together some magnificent moments of flamboyant beauty.

Flanger - The Men Who Fell from Earth

Visit Flanger at Ninjatunes here.



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