Whoo!! Finally done with 4/5 of me finals!! Goodbye Chemistry! Anyways, notice the brand new layout, the bright, colourful stripes you see?

They're call Lifestripe and they're actually a project that's being developed by Jugem and Spread, a Japanese company. They actually let you display your day's activity in terms of colourful stripes. It's a free service but currently it is only available for blog users of Jugem. Well, i went through a lot of trouble to get Lifestripe on here. After getting a Jugem account, hours of tinkering with html, some flash knowledge, and lots of advice from Cow, I finally got Lifestripe on here!!

Here's how you actually put in data about your daily habits. The interface is pretty straightforward, just drag and drop.

Lifestripe also lets you know in relation what you habits are when compared to other Lifestripe users. It displays how many hours you're sleeping, working, or eating in a neat and nifty pie-chart. Plus, it looks extremely cool and funky. Do check out Lifestripe here.


Aggole said...

i'm interested in embedding the lifestripe flash into my wordpress blog too. can u share a bit? :P

thanks a lot.
my email:


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