Quruli (くるり)

Featuring an electronic rock band from Japan, and signed by the same company (Speedstar Records) as the wonderful Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの). The band "Quruli" (くるり - Pronouced as koo-ru-ri) is also from Kyoto, the same city Tsuji Ayano grew up. I managed to catch their video of their new hit single "Akai Densha" (赤い電車, translation - Red Train) on NHK's english show J-Melo yesterday afternoon. J-Melo is this Japanese music show that is presented in English and allows Japanese people and foreigners to pick up English usage through the show. Read about it here. The video by Quruli is interesting and features the front view from a train travelling on rail tracks. Song features soulful lyrics lined with a great electronic bassline. I've got this feeling that they're going to be one of my favourite bands for some time. くるりの音楽(赤い電車)が好きです!それが興味深い歌であるので。。 music videoも面白いな。。

Check out a sample of the song here:

Quruli - Akai Densha

Quruli - Akai Densha (Video)

Do check out the band's official page here at Speedstar Records where you can get the band's discography, music videos, and buy some of their music.


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