Golden Flowers in the Disco!

The term "Disco Volante" actually means "flying disc" or in some cases, "flying saucer" but the band featured today is far from being "saucy".

Disco Volante is Oliver Achatz, Marko Pelaic, Janis Guckes, Paul W. Taylor and Soeren Frickenschmidt. The band is from Frankfurt, German and produces electronic styled post rock and progressive rock. Their music is extremely experimental and is influenced heavily by post rock and laced with electronic sounds that seems to blend seamlessly in each of their tracks.

I don't listen much to rock, but heck, I guess this track is one of my fewer exceptions. They may not be really famous, but they do sound similiar to the likes of Jaga Jazzist and Sigur Ros though. They are GOOD.

Download one of their tracks here:
Disco Volante - Golden Psycho Flower(Layout) (mp3)

You can get more of their tracks and photos from their official site below:


Anonymous said...

I think you should be using the Flashflight as the band prop. It's a flying disc with built in Disco lights: FlashFlight Disco

Cool thought...

Syd said...

or a light up RAVOLUTION frisbee...multi-color goodness!



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