Jazzy Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a Malaysian band I've listened to for a couple of years now and I've gotta say I really like their style. They play mostly jazz and instrumental sounds. The duo, Ywenna Carolin & Nicole Foo who makes up Rhapsody, met in a dusty piano room when they were still clad in high school uniforms, Nicole was mesmerized when Ywenna started tinkling Chopin's 'Nocturne in E Flat". After 7 years of dreaming, Ywenna and Nicole have finally got off their asses to start making their dreams come true.

Rhapsody is a frequenter of the Malaysian Jazz scene and have been featured on events such as Starbucks Music Series, Moonshine, Penang Island Jazz Festival, the Xmas Sofa Party @ FrangiPani, which is really popular bar in KL. Their quite well-known among the underground music community in Malaysia as many of my friends in KL have attended their gigs.

With Ywenna playing the piano and Nicole as the vocalist, the duo sound like a match made in music heaven. Their music is very calm and soothing. The gentle sounds of Ywenna playing on the piano blends perfectly with Nicole's voice which tailor-made for singing jazz. One of my favourite tracks by them is "So Scared". I've been puting the track on loop the entire time I'm writing this article. ~Sweet

Download the track here:
Rhapsody - So Scared (mp3)

Do visit their page on i-bands.net for more info and downloads and visit their blog here for their latest events and gigs.



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