Efterklang is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The literal translation of ‘Efterklang’ is ‘after noise’ (and thus ‘reverberation’), but the term more loosely translates as ‘remembrance,’ a more fitting meaning given the yearning character of the Copenhagen group’s sound.

This album is consistently excellent and best broached as a complete fifty-minute work, given the connecting threads that run throughout. Aside from an overall uniformity of sound, motifs like an Ovalesque rippling pattern (made more memorable by a subtle hiccup) and electric piano sprinkles intermittently re-appear. The group deftly merges digital and organic sounds, with electronics mainly used as a base for natural sounds (vocals, piano, trumpet, strings). Much like a requiem, the mood is mournful, even funereal, and the work includes passages one could label classical and minimalist.

The album's primary influences are Múm and Sigur Rós, but listening to the track reminds us of tracks from Bjork, Jaga Jazzist and maybe even abit of Coldplay.

You can download the track here:

Efterklang - Kloy Gyn

Visit their official site here.



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