Maxi On!

Takako Minekawa (嶺川貴子) is full of surprises. She is a beautiful but shy woman who makes some of the most wistful yet willful pop music you can imagine. Her sound is an unusual juxtaposition of elements ranging from French pop to Krautrock to easy listening to indie rock that she has appropriately dubbed "future-folk-fusion-funk." Unlike the countless other pretty faces of Japan's music industry, Takako is a pop singer who avoids the cliche's of love and relationships for the purer themes of color and water. Her innocence is fetching; she'd rather play with her cat than chase the spotlight that other pop stars crave so desperately. You could say that she's a heroine by default, an icon for all the indie kids that admire her creativity in a world of musical mediocrity.

The track Maxi On! is elegantly arranged and has strong elements of electronica and even a bit ambient. Her amazing vocals in this track also never cease to amaze her listeners.

Takako Minekawa - Maxi On!

Visit her site at Emperor Norton Records and her official site at Polystar.



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