Utada Hikaru - Final Distance (MV)

Final Distance is Utada Hikaru's 9th single and her 1st single in her widely acclaimed "Deep River" album. This video was directed by Utada Hikaru's husband, 紀里谷和明, Mr Kiriya Kazuaki. Mr Kiriya also directed the motion picture "CASSHERN" which featured Utada Hikaru's 誰かの願いが叶うころ (Dareka no negai ga kanau koro) as the ending theme song.

"Distance" originally appeared in the Distance album, and was planned to be released as a single. However, Utada heard of a rampage in which schoolgirl Reina Yamashita (山下玲奈) had died. Reina had previously won an essay competition; writing about how she wanted to become a singer just like Utada. Utada decided to change the song entirely, creating the song "FINAL DISTANCE".

The Japanese Ministry of Education decided to incorporate Utada Hikaru's ballad "FINAL DISTANCE" in the high school music textbook starting spring semester 2001, which was announced on 8th of April. In order to pass the proposal, they needed 313 points. The proposal was passed with 319 points. They will be targeting high school students in their second year to test the new curriculum. According to the publisher of arts in education, the song was chosen because it is closely familiar with high school students.

Utada Hikaru - Final Distance MV (Youtube Video)

Utada Hikaru's official site at Toshiba-EMI here.



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