OMG, i'm seriously having a BIG addiction to "Endless Love".....been listening to the same track for more than 20 times a day for the past 3 days!!! 死啦!係唔係好恐佈咧?.......gosh!!!.....its one of those songs that i listen over over and over again without getting bored. Another one of these is "CASSHERN"'s "The Last Day" by Shiro Sagisu......that one the addiction's actually worse but i've gotten over it now....HPing says there's this other full Chinese version of "Endless Love" but the male vocals are much better cuz they're not sung by Jackie. I'll try digging them out. In the mean time, do download the addictive track "Endless Love" here and see if you have the same side-effects as i have.

Anyways, back to today's review here, sorry for ranting and any inconvenience caused. =)

Rene Breitbath, a reknowned veteran of the textone.org community gives you another great dose of minimal, tech house with his track "125". Basically same rift throughout the entire track, similiar to many other minimal tracks but a great subtle bassline combined with a decent and catchy hook merge seamlessly to create a great tech house track here and is something that really deserves to be on vinyl. The track is a bit softer than most tech house tracks and not really dancefloor friendly, but it is just ideal as an intro track for funky house sessions. This track is featured on the "Designated Drivers Compilation" on textone.

Rene Breitbath - 125



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