Timeless Memories

here's a little poem i wrote while listening to Andain - Beautiful Things(Gabriel & Dresden Remix).

Timeless Memories

So many beautiful things,
I don't want to forget,
counting on the many blessings,
and wonderful people I’ve met.

Stories from yesterday,
remain as forever moments,
Tales from a bygone day,
remain as precious presents,

Reminiscing in the past,
for that I have done,
Yet time passes too fast,
and that I’ve missed the fun.

The seasons go by ever so swiftly,
but alas, you cannot cry,
Because Time is just simply,
Passing us with a sigh.

The past has left us.


So many beautiful things,
I don't want to forget,
but Time does the weavings,
leaving things to be set.

I'm paddling in the waves of time,
searching for memories;
Only wishing I could get a rhyme,
but lost in the reveries.

Never will I look back again
Crying tears, confusing fears,
They’ll heal any pain,
before I’ve passed many years.

The wheel of Time continues its spin,
memories ever fading and emerging.
But we know that its already a win,
for indeed life itself is a blessing.

The future lies beyond us.



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