Bossa Astoria

Zagar is a music band originating from Hungary and consists of Balázs Zságer aka Zagar (fender rhodes, keys, programming), Andor Kovács (guitar, bass), DJ Bootsie (scratches), and Tibor Lázár (drums). In the summer of 2002 they already played at many different festivals in Hungary and abroad as well under the name Zagar. After that they recorded their debut album "Local Broadcast". They are well established in the underground and indie music scene in Eastern Europe.

Seriously this track here does sound kindy jazzy. The elegant synths in the original version gives it that distinct and unmistakable lounge groove to it. This track blends nu-jazz with electronic waltzy-dance rhythms and has been on my list of top 10 lounge tracks for quite awhile. Anyways, the differences between the original track by Zagar and Sumo's remix are really interesting. Worth trying them out.

Zagar - Bossa Astoria
Zagar - Bossa Astoria (Eric Sumo remix)

Download the Music Video here:
Zagar - Bossa Astoria

Grab more of the band's MV's and mp3 at their official site here.



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