ipod Video!!

WOOHOO!! ipod video has just been released by Apple.

This latest installment of the excessively popular ipod family now plays videos. The 30GB and 60GB models loads up to 15,000 songs, full-color album art and up to 25,000 photos. It also supports up to 150 hours of video with its 2.5-inch color LCD display. Meaning you could catch your favourite TV shows on the ipod.

It connects out through an option TV-out cable (which I imagine is just a good ol’ 1/8”-to-Triple-RCA adpator), or you can do s-video through a dock connector. It will also interface with the new Apple Remote to allow couch-potato viewing.

Apparently, current versions of the iPod Photo can play video, it’s just disabled at the moment. So an iPod firmware update should ostensibly enable video playback on a model you already own.

The iTunes music store will sell music videos for $1.99 apiece, and TV shows for the same – $2 an episode.

The 30GB model retails for $299 and 60GB retails for $399.

Check it out at Apple's official site here.



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