Soulfull UK Jazz/House

Matthew Herbert, a British DJ and producer of modern house who is also known as Radio Boy, Wishmountain, and Doctor Rockit, released "Leave Me Now" in 2001, and is the first single to bereleased from the forthcoming album "Bodily Functions", the long-awaited follow-up to 1998's "Around the house".

His music often incorporates organic sounds and samples of various noises from everyday life. This track features extremely light, soulfull and sublime house beats combined with a late night twist to the melody. Mainly jazz, but set in a house framework, is what that sets this track apart from other house/jazz contemporaries. The track features some great vocals from Dani Siciliano. Herbert sets theses vocals amid a sparse click track tenderly augmented with a nearly inaudible synth pad and an occasional piano chord. Grab more of his stuff from and his official site here.

Herbert - Leave Me Now



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