Elegant Pianowork

I'm back!!.....zzzzzz...... so sleepy....been cramming in few hours of study for the past few days...darn, my finals are just around the corner....Anyways, today's track is a beautiful classical piece, so should take off most of the stress.

Anna Chepikova, a Russian born pianist teaches & plays in virtually any style from classical Masterpieces by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky to contemporary jazz, Christian & pop. This concert pianist and music teacher is extremely versatile in all the different styles of music she plays. Incredibly diverse, elegant, classy, and jazzy at times. The piano solo here is a classic by Pachelbel, yet she plays it in such a distinct style.

Visit her official site here.

Anna Chepikova - Canon in D(Pachelbel)



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