COVER GIRL by Tsuji Ayano

COVER GIRL is a 2004 album by Tsuji Ayano (つじあやの). In this album, she performs covers of popular Japanese and English songs. Hence the name "COVER GIRL". Although this album is a cover album, it has nothing short of Tsuji Ayano's own style. Simply put, when you're listening to this album, you won't even feel that its a cover version because its so distinct and unique in style.

The album is considered to be something different because it is presented in 2 CDs (Tokyo side and Kyoto side). Her second 2 CD album is CALENDAR CALENDAR which is a compilation of her "Four Seasons" singles. Also, this is her first time singing in English (Never can Say Goodbye by Jackson5), considering the absence of English lyrics in most, if not all of her songs.

Notable tracks worth listening in this album are 黄金の月, シャ・ラ・ラ and Swallowtail Butterfly~あいのうた~. Her best track in this album is 星に願いを(When You Wish Upon A Star) IMO. Its so different from the old version by Louis Armstrong yet it still sounds really cool. Perhaps its her gentle twang of her ukulele that makes the real difference.

Tokyo Side -disc 1-
1. 黄金の月 / スガ シカオ (Kogare no Gatsu)
2. パレード / シュガー・ベイブ (Paredo) [Listen Real Audio] [Listen WMP]
3. シャ・ラ・ラ / サザンオールスターズ(Sha Ra Ra)
4. Never Can Say Goodbye / JACKSON5
5. 年下の男の子 / キャンディーズ (Toshishita no Otoko no ko)
6. ラブレター / THE BLUE HEARTS (Ravureta)
7. 星に願いを(When You Wish Upon A Star) <Full Version> [Listen Real Audio]

Kyoto Side -disc 2-
1. チェリー / スピッツ〔鴨川土手より〕(Chiari) [Listen Real Audio]
2. 結婚しようよ / 吉田拓郎〔京都市立銅駝美術工芸高等学校より〕(Kekkon Shioyou)
3. プカプカ / 西岡恭蔵〔法然院より〕(Puka Puka)
4. なんとなくなんとなく / ザ・スパイダース〔METROより〕(Nantonaku Nantonaku)
5. Swallowtail Butterfly~あいのうた~ / YEN TOWN BAND〔つじ家より〕
6. 別れても好きな人 / ロス インディオス & シルビア〔Irish PUB fieldより〕(Wakare demo Iki na Hito)
7. お世話になりました / 井上 順〔TK furnitureより〕(Osewa ni Narimashita)

Check out Tsuji Ayano's official site for more previews and a complete list of her works released.

By the way, Tsuji Ayano has released several new albums つじベスト (Tsuji Best) which is a collection of all her best tracks and はじまりの時 (The Time at the Beginning) during the last quarter of 2006. I'll write up a bit on these albums once I've listened to them.

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Marta said...

Hi! Thanks for all the info on Ayano Tsuji. It's really difficult to find it! :) By the way... I have one question about her and maybe you can help me: she has a videoclip in Lisbon (Portugal-my country)of Kokoro ha kimi no motohe (Harumikan CD). Do you know why? Do you have any ideia where I can find an answer for it? Best Wishes,

Feng said...

Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just did a post about the PV of the track you mentioned. Hope this helps:

つじあやの - 心は君のもとへ (歌詞とPV)


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