At17 - 三分鐘後

At17 (雁石分天) is a Hong Kong girl band that is pitched to appeal to high school and university students. The group members are Eman Lam (林二汶) and Ellen Joyce Loo (盧凱彤).

At17 seems to be more artistically and musically inclined and contrast significantly when compared other mainstream Cantopop girl groups such as Twins and Cookies. Both Loo and Lam are involved considerably in the songwriting and production for their albums. Loo plays the guitar and piano, and Lam plays the guitar and various percussion instruments.

Their style may be best described as Folktronica and their light melodies and simple lyrics appeal to many teenagers today. The duo have also written multiple tracks for the OST of many Mcdull movies such as Prince de la Bun(麥兜菠蘿油王子). At17 is currently signed to the same record label as Pixeltoy - people mountain people sea (人山人海 - a Chinese proverb which means a lot of people).

Here's the video for the track 三分鐘後 by at17. Its a really cool track.

at17's official website
at17's official blog



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