- Watch out! is a music video player which matches your music taste from to videos on YouTube. Data from your music profile is retrieved to create a continuous playlist of videos from artists you listen to. then matches videos based on artist names and turns up live performances, bootlegs, interviews and fan interpretations. This is unique content which would never be aired on regular music video channels. automates selection and provides effortless continuous play and you don't even need to slect your own videos. Simply put, its like watching MTV, except this time its all your favourite clips!

The concept is really novel and cool but sometimes there's a mismatch between the video results from youtube and your stats in Needs a little more work IMO.

Just fill in a username to get a stream of that person's music:

note: Not an official release by!


Alper said...

Thanks for the props, we just got a new design and domain (you might have noticed).

About the mismatches in videos: we intentionally kept that part simple and we are getting really good results on the video selections.

If you give your username and describe the unexpected behaviour you are experiencing, we can take a look.


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