King Ly Chee (荔枝王)

King Ly Chee (荔枝王) is a hardcore punk band from Hong Kong. They consists of band members Andy, Riz, G, Pong and Man and are often heralded as one of the pioneers of hardcore in HK. Their music is a fine but curious mix of punk rock, hardcore, metal and indie-rock infused with shouted verses, interspersed with melodic flourishes. Their lyrics are thought-provoking and aimed at the younger generation, much similar to their contemporaries such as LMF.

King Ly Chee participates in frequent gigs and tours in HK and other major asian cities such as Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta. They have a huge following in Taiwan and Japan as well. King Ly Chee is a very talented band who have made a name for themselves as well as secured an incredibly loyal fan base. Though I'm never a big fan of punk rock, I must say that I'm truly impressed.

King Ly Chee - Children (mp3)

More info on the band can be found on their website:

and also from their myspace site:
king ly chee



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