Testrauschen - Fine Electronic Music

Testrauschen is a group from Munich, Germany. The group name means "Test Noise" in German and it reflects their style, which is mainly experimental. The group produces ambient, electronic, experimental, sometimes energetic music.

The track "Glad to be here" is really beautiful and sounds hopeful. While sweeping pads in the background conjure a dreamy landscape, the synth leads the main progression towards the buildup. But there's no real climax here, it just sort of dies down in the final moments track. The other track featured here, "Der Panther", offers a somewhat contrasted mood as compared to the first track. Although both tracks are mainly progressive in nature, "Der Panther" is the more repetitive of the two, but still a great track nonetheless.

Although I've only listened to 2 of their tracks, I really like their style - downright simple, no-nonsense, and progressive.

Testrauschen - Glad to be here (mp3)
Testrauschen - Der Panther (mp3)

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