God is an Astronaut

Just listened to some tracks from the album "A Moment of Stillness" by instrumental band "God is an Astronaut". They are considered by many as the most intense live act to emerge from Ireland in recent times due to their controversial audio/visual shows.

This album here is very subtle yet it is laced with melodic guitar leads and peppered with fine traces of electronica. Nothing in this EP is really repetitive because it progresses steadliy thoughout the course of the album. The tracks "A Moment of Stillness" and "Elysian Fields" are both shimmering and hauntingly beautiful.

A Moment of Stillness

1. Frozen Twilight
2. A Moment of Stillness (mp3)
3. Forever Lost(Reprise)
4. Elysian Fields
5. Crystal Canyon

Visit God is An Astronaut's official site and their myspace profile for a complete listing of their works and more downloads.



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