Utada Hikaru - Colors (Lyrics and MV)

This track is a rather old track by popular Jpop artist Utada Hikaru and is feature in her 2003 single "Colors" as well as her latest album "ULTRA BLUE". The single "Colors" also features "Simple and Clean" which is an English version of the track "Hikari" and is also the themesong for the hit game "Kingdom Hearts". It's a pretty cool track and her music video was simply superb!

Here's the video for the track:

And here's the lyrics:


作詞: 宇多田ヒカル 作曲: 宇多田ヒカル



炎の揺らめき 今宵も夢を描く
あなたの筆先 渇いていませんか

いいじゃないか キャンバスは君のもの
今は真っ赤に 誘う闘牛士のように


僕らは一時 迷いながら寄り添って
あれから一月 憶えていますか

よかったのにな 口は災いの元

塗り潰してよ キャンバスを何度でも



Lyrics: Utada Hikaru Music: Utada Hikaru

MIRAA ga utsushidasu maboroshi wo ki ni shi nagara
Itsu no ma ni ka sokudo ageteru no sa

Doko he itte mo ii to ii wareru to
Hanpa na ganmou ni wa hyoushiki mo zenbu haiiro da

Honoo no yurameki koyoi mo yume wo egaku
Anata no fudesaki kawaite imasen ka

Aoi sora ga mieru nara aoi kasa hirogete
Ii janai ka KYANBASU wa kimi no mono
Shiroi hata wa akirameta toki ni dake kazasu no
Ima wa makka ni sasou tougyuushi no you ni

KARAA mo iro aseru keikoutou no moto
Shirokuro no chesuboodu no ue de kimi ni deatta

Bokura wa hitotoki mayoi nagara yorisoutte
Are kara hitotsuki oboete imasu ka

ORENJI iro no yuuhi wo tonari de miteru dake de yokatta no ni na
Kuchi wa wazawai no moto
Kuroi fuku wa shisha ni inoru toki ni dake kiru no
Wazato makka ni nokoshita ruuju no ato

Mou jibun ni wa yume no nai e shika egakenai to iu nara
Nuritsubushite yo KYANBASU wo nando demo
Shiroi hata wa akirameta toki ni dake kazasu no
Ima no watashi wa anata no shiranai iro



Lyrics: Utada Hikaru Translation: Izak Loftus

The mirror reflects the illusions in my soul
And before I’m aware of it, I’m quickly lifted

Where can we go and can we break apart?
The sign of my incomplete wish is entirely gray

Flickering flames paint my dreams tonight
Your brush isn’t dried up yet?

You’ll be able to see the blue sky if you open up your blue umbrella
Is that not good enough? The canvas is yours
I’ll surrender to time and hold the white flag overhead
Now I’m like a matador, enticing you with crimson

Color after color fades under the flourescent lights
I met you on the black and white chessboard

When I lost my way that time, I leaned close to you
Ever since that month, I’ve wondered if you even remember it

Simply watching the orange color of the setting sun with you made me happy
Your mouth was the origin of catastrophe
Black clothes are only worn when praying for the deceased
Crimson is intentionally left behind by the mark of rouge

You say that there are no more dreams to paint within myself
But how many times must I fill this canvas?
I’ll surrender to time and hold the white flag overhead
Now I am the color that you do not know


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