Build Buildings - there is a problem with my tape recorder

Build Buildings is Ben Tweel, musician, scientist, philologist. Ben was born in Columbus, OH, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Under the name Build Buildings, Ben makes music with computers, instruments, household noises and records.

Frankly speaking, I don't really know how to classify their music, closest sounding thing would probably be minimal. Though it sounds somewhat minimal, there's not a great deal of droning in the music. Instead, as you listen to Ben's works, you'll be welcomed by ambient-esque electronic blips. Despite this, delicate beats still manage to leave space for external ambient sounds to filter in and play with the music.

Highly recommended.

there is a problem
with my tape recorder

1. 27 Cents
2. Mackerel Scout
3. Dibs
4. Pendulum
5. Servo
6. Notices
7. Test (mp3)
8. Wash
9. Drumspeed
10. tk
11. November (mp3)
12. er+

Check out Build Building's official site for more mp3 downloads and info.



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